Senator Dishonors Ashli Babbitt in Heated Debate With Citizen

In a heated exchange with a radio caller on WDAY’s The Jay Thomas Show on July 27th, Senator Kevin Cramer (R-ND) defended the officially unidentified Capitol Police Officer who shot and killed US Air Force Veteran Ashli Babbitt, 35 at close range without warning during the Capitol riot on January 6th and told the caller that the American people have no right to know who this officer was.

“The person that shot her is a police officer shooting a criminal not complying with officers telling her, ‘Stop. Don’t come through that window. We have guns drawn. Don’t do it.’ They’re protecting people, and the officer was found to be innocent of any wrongdoing,” Cramer told the caller. “So then what would be the purpose of releasing that officer’s name? What do you need to know the officer’s name for?”

Senator Cramer leaned very hard on the assertion that the officer who executed Babbitt was “found not guilty of any wrongdoing.”

In the very tense exchange, the caller made some completely valid points that went unaddressed. Answering Sen. Cramer’s question: “What do you need to know the officer’s name for?” He said,

“Well because we know everybody else’s name if a police officer shoots a citizen of this country. I mean crying out loud, if you shoot an illegal alien, we’re going to know that police officer’s name. This is a police officer that shot someone in our capitol and his name is being withheld.”

“It seems to be kind of a textbook situation, frankly. I’m the one who personally does not think there is a right to know the name of every police officer who shoots a criminal or perpetrator, unless of course, there are charges brought or an indictment brought, or something like that. I’ll look into it to see what the law says about the release of the name. I’m just grateful for this person, quite honestly,” Cramer said.

Senator Cramer Dishonors Ashli Babbitt, The GOP And Himself

Consider that throughout the last few years, the mainstream media and political elites on the left have immediately revealed the identity of officers involved in the deaths of dozens of “criminals” as Sen. Cramer referred to Babbitt as often while in the commission of a crime. How would they respond if the names of the Louisville PD officers who shot Breonna Taylor weren’t revealed, or the shooters of Ahmaud Arbery were similarly protected? They’d be calling for blood.

The difference here is that the Biden-Harris regime and the Democrats in Congress would serve up the officer on a silver platter if it was Black Lives Matter, Antifa, or any variant of Anti-Trump rioters who stormed the Capitol on Jan. 6th and a leftist rioter was shot in Babbitt’s place. We live in a country with two sets of rules, and Trump supporters are the targets of that system.

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