GOP Heavy Weight Drops Road Spikes Down on Democrats High Speed Get-a-Way

Conservative GOP heavyweight Senator Ted Cruz threw the stop sticks down on the Senate floor when Democrats tried to make a high speed getaway with a fast move. The sneaky Democrats managed to jump them. The good news is that Americans will start getting their stimulus checks starting this weekend. The bad news is that some illegal aliens will too.

GOP amendment voted down

An amendment by Texas conservative Senator Ted Cruz to the proposed coronavirus relief package was meant to ensure that stimulus checks are not awarded to illegal aliens.

The GOP member argued his point well but it still went down in flames by a vote of 49-50 along party lines. Most illegals won’t get a check because they don’t have social security numbers but some will. There’s a loophole.


The GOP side of the aisle was furious that “an immigrant who obtains a work visa can also apply for a Social Security number.

If that immigrant subsequently overstays their work visa, they are in the country illegally, but they can still be considered a ‘resident alien’ if they pass the IRS’ substantial presence test. Therefore illegal aliens could receive a recovery rebate payment.” That’s not fair, legal citizens object.

Democrats barely managed to open Senate debate on the $1.9 trillion relief package. They knew going in they wouldn’t have any GOP support but renegade DINOs in their ranks were refusing to drink the Kool-Aid.

After Chuck Schumer had the reluctant liberals kneecapped politically with some back-room phone calls, the Senate passed the legislation. They sent it back over to Nancy Pelosi where the House quickly stamped their approval and sent it to His Wisdom Joe Biden for final approval. He’s so quick with his pen these days, it was signed before it hit the desk.

There goes $8 billion

Taxpayers can kiss $8 billion bucks goodbye. As part of the Covid relief, the Treasury is cutting $1,400 stimulus checks checks. Around $8 billion worth will end up being sent to illegal aliens.

There’s still a chance for a separate measure. Cruz boldly stood up for citizens by doing his best to “prevent illegal aliens from getting stimulus checks.”

“Not only does this COVID bill fail to address the real needs of the American people who are suffering, but it hands out billions in taxpayer dollars to illegal immigrants.”

The GOP doesn’t like it but they were outvoted. “Congress should come together to pass my amendment to stop this. We need to stand for the American people, get our kids back to school, and reopen our small businesses.”

Not only will some illegals be getting stimulus checks, the GOP is working to stop them from getting “subsidies for COBRA healthcare premiums too.

Conservative Senators Tom Cotton and Todd Young recently tried to do a budget amendment deal “with support from eight swing state Democrats,” those rogue DINOs, “to make it more difficult for stimulus checks for illegal aliens to be included in the relief package.” The DINOs changed their mind at the last minute to avoid a political tar pit they would never get out of. And these days, Democrats hate fossil fuels.

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