Ashli Babbitt BOMBSHELL

Ashli Babbitt BOMBSHELL

While the left continues to pretend that January 6th was the apocalypse and Trump supporters are terrorists, bombshell information about Ashli Babbitt has emerged.

Just moments before Ashli Babbitt was shot and killed by a Capitol police officer during the January 6th riot in Washington, D.C., she was caught on camera confronting the officers guarding the doors to the Speaker’s Lobby in the Capitol building, calling them out for allowing the rioters to smash the windows, and blasting them for not calling for backup, according to an analysis of a journalist’s video of that day.

As questions continue to arise as to how the Capitol Police and Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi could have left the Capitol building so unguarded that day, this bombshell information just adds to the concerns. The analysis of the journalist’s video also comes soon after other recent revelations that Ashli Babbitt had tried at least four other times to stop the assault on the Speaker’s Lobby. Each time, she appeared desperate as rioters were left unchecked, with one even smashing a window just inches away from an officer’s head.

The video, which was shot by independent journalist Tayler Hansen, shows 35 year old Babbitt following rioter Zachary Alam, and trying to get between him and one of three officers at the double doors to the Speaker’s Lobby.

Alam, who was arrested by the FBI on January 30th, 2021, on charges related to the Capitol riot, is seen bashing the window on the doors twice. The first time, he can be seen grabbing one officer’s shoulder with one hand, then punching between him and another officer, hitting the window.

“Chill out! Chill the [expletive] out, bro!” someone yells. “Hey! Chill out!”

“These guys work for us!” another person yells.

“You gonna shoot him?” another individual asks.

Then, a bearded man wearing a red Trump hat complains that they are not being allowed into the Speaker’s Lobby, stating: “Mother [expletive]! We don’t want to hurt nobody. We just want to go in the House.”

Then, Ashli Babbitt jumps in, trying to get between Alam and one of the officers. She says something to him that is inaudible, but he brushes her off, pulls back his right arm, and punches the window next to the officer.

That’s when Babbitt snaps, going off at the officers for allowing the rioters to get violent and vandalize the Capitol.

“Call [expletive] help!” Babbitt yells, jumping up and down in front of the officers. “We’re allowed to be here!”

She then takes a few steps back. Realizing that the officers are not reacting, she gets angrier. “You’re a fraud!” she shouts. “You’re a [expletive] fraud! You’re wrong!”

“You could tell that she was definitely getting upset,” Hansen said while reviewing the video with The Epoch Times. “She was calm when she first got there. Then as the destruction continued and as more people started to fill in and it got more dangerous, that’s when you can tell she was getting really upset.”

During her 14 years of military service, Ashli Babbitt served as a police officer in the U.S. Air Force. Speaking about the Capitol riot, her husband, Aaron, said that her experience in law enforcement likely indicated to her that something was wrong.

“I believe she saw their inaction as odd or off, and was ultimately confused as to what was happening,” Aaron Babbitt said when speaking with The Epoch Times. “She was a take-charge kind of person. Her frustrations show that the cops who should’ve been taking charge—weren’t.”

“I’d only seen bits and pieces and never fully put together,” Aaron Babbitt said, referring to videos of the incident. “I can hear the confused panic in her voice.”

Aaron also noted that the video made him sad, because his role as a husband is to protect his wife. He had stayed home in San Diego to run the couple’s small business while Ashli had gone to Washington, D.C. to attend the Trump rally. According to Aaron, she likely felt trapped in that hallway, and claustrophobic.

“She had no friends in that room,” he said. “I always go back to no one would’ve ever watched out for (her) like I always did. Very helpless.”

He also said that he hopes the analysis of Hansen’s video gives the American public a better understanding of the chaos that was going on in the hallway when his wife was killed.

“I’ve known something was off with the whole situation from day one,” Aaron said. “Hopefully this gives other people a different perspective—or at a minimum makes someone take a second look with a different mindset.”

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