Demonic Killer Shares “Intimate Details” of His Human Sacrifices

People of faith understand that there is more happening in the world than just what we see. There is a fight between Good and Evil; a spiritual war is happening all around us. This couldn’t be more evident as interests in the demonic rise, and with devastating results.

The Demonic Dumpster Diver

Police in Fort Worth, Texas, has a serial killer in custody. Jason Alan Thornburg has confessed to multiple murders including that of three people he dismembered and set on fire in a Fort Worth dumpster.

Thornburg has also been a person of interest in the death of his roommate in May. In his confession, he admitted to killing his 60-year-old roommate as a human sacrifice, covering up the murder by cutting a natural gas line in the house and starting a fire.

According to the police, these are not the only murders he has confessed. Thornburg confessed that he also murdered his girlfriend from Arizona. A woman who, according to reports, has only been reported as missing.

The Fascination with the Occult

Thornburg’s killing spree is not the only one in recent reports connected with the fascination of the demonic.

The BBC reported on the murder of two sisters in a park in Wembley, north London. Their killer happened to be fascinated with the occult. He was reported as being heavily active in “dark magic” forums on the internet. He connected with demon worshippers in his online forums up to the moment of his arrest.

In his confession, he admitted to murdering the girls as human sacrifices to gain wealth and power.

In America, we have a culture equally obsessed with the occult. Witches, in particular, have gotten a strong following on social media, the practice of “dark magic” in a perverted belief of worshiping the natural.

But devil worship has also been on the rise for years in American rap culture. Which we have seen in full force with the tragic results as we saw at the Astroworld Festival with Travis Scott.

But be aware for the devil is after your children. This can be prominently seen in the evolution of Lil Nas X’s career. A young gay black rapper admits that his target audience is young children and has made videos of himself giving lap dances and performing sexually explicit acts on Satan himself in one of his music videos.

The Demonic Is Real and Rising

Whether you actually believe in demons or not the truth is that the demonic influence is real. Its influences teach people a disregard for human life in the pursuit of fulfilling our fleshly desires. It doesn’t matter if that desire is sexual gratification or wealth and power, the means justify the ends even if one must commit murder to get there.

Beware of what you are taking in, what you are allowing to influence you, or your children. These influences can seem very innocent at first if your eyes are not open to see them.

The only counter for such evil is good but we must go to the source of good to find true relief. If you are a Christian and are not opening your Bible, or bowing your head in prayer each day, then now is the time to begin.

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