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Drug Company Popping Politics Instead of Pills, Faces Nasty Side Effect

Bristol Myers Squibb Co is a drug company that has decided to put its politics above the care of its employees. The side effect of such behavior is that the employees have begun to fight back.

Wednesday, December 1st, four employees of the drugmaker filed a lawsuit claiming that Bristol Myers refused to grant religious exemptions to their Covid-19 vaccination protocol. The employees were threatened with dismissal come December 6th if they did not comply.


The Drug Company is Not the First to Deny Religious Exemptions

Religious exemptions to Covid-19 requirements have been a ht issue in 2021. Democrat lawmakers and media elites began the nefarious questioning of religious sincerity of religious beliefs earlier this spring. In doing so they created the conversation of whether religious exemptions should even be allowed to the people.

The idea that has been fed to the public is that Vaccinations are what is best to stop the Covid Pandemic. Yet the truth behind the vaccines is rarely spoken of in mainstream media. The high reality. of debilitating side effects, and deaths caused by the vaccinations are rarely published. The fact that the FDA changed the definition of vaccine to accommodate the fact that they actually do not prevent, or even help mitigate the symptoms of, Covid to those who are vaccinated is rarely reported.

Those who have put this lawsuit together are not your typical uninformed low-level employee. They are all high-level figures in the company with six-figure salaries. First, there is Carrie Kefalas, a physician overseeing clinical trial risk management for drug development, second, is biotechnologist John Lott, third, data integrity manager Jeremy Beer, and our fourth plaintiff is biologist Kamila Dubisz.

All of which are highly educated employees of the Bristol Myers company that have studied the effectiveness of such vaccines and other medications throughout their careers.

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