Eight Men Charged: Facebook Shows Sexual Assault Of Unconscious Teen

A mother was understandably distraught when she was alerted to a video clip on Facebook, including her child being sexually assaulted. After the Facebook video appeared, eight men were charged for what they were seen doing to the teenage girl while she was unconscious. Carlos Vasquez, Malcom Baptista, Jose Vargas, Luis Luna, Erving Keith Colon, Richard Chester, Carlos Chicon, and Luis Cabrera are eight males dealing with charges in Rhode Island after allegedly sexually attacking a 16-year-old subconscious girl at a celebration, the NY Post reported. They may have gotten away with it if they had not been so arrogant that they videotaped their crime.

Following the attack, the girl went to the police. She informed investigators that she awoke in a house at 100 Glenham Street in Providence, Rhode Island after attending a party, with genital discomfort as well as cuts on her upper legs, according to policeand court records gathered by the Boston Globe. She claimed she might remember a man holding her down on a bed as well as putting Hennessy in her mouth after she really felt ill from drinking and smoking at the celebration.

The exterior of 100 Glenham Street in Providence, the site of the alleged rape (Photo Credit: Google Maps)

The teenager recalled being nude in a shower as approximately 15 guys made fun of her while perhaps taking images before being taken into a bedroom, however she was unconscious during the alleged assault. After getting up, she uncovered that someone had used her mobile phone to send out teasing messages to her ex-boyfriend concerning several men sexually attacking her while she was unconscious. Meanwhile, her mother had been searching for her after learning from her ex-boyfriend that her little girl “was in trouble.”.

Although the teenage girl and also her family reported the criminal offense later that day, the victim was only able to offer the first names or false names of a few of the men who purportedly assaulted her, consisting of two who brought her to the party. This hindered the examination. This would change 6 months after the assault, nevertheless, when a Facebook video emerged, revealing the teenage girl naked as well as unconscious on a bed as the men victimized her and also others watched.

Providence Police Major David Lapatin called the video “sickening.” (Photo Credit: Screenshot)

The unnamed teenager’s mother uncovered footage of her child’s sexual abuse after becoming aware of the video clip’s existence on the social network. She recorded the video from Facebook and also quickly shared it with investigators, according to Providence Police Major David Lapatin, who called the video “sickening.”.

“The video was more than enough to see the crime and identify the culprits,” Lapatin said. “It is sickening to see it. It was tough on the investigators. They did a really good job,” he added. “It obviously moved our case right along,” he continued. “That’s when it really picked up steam and we were able to identify many suspects from the video and shortly thereafter, arrests were made.”

Police have concluded that a minimum of one of the men raped the teenage girl, while the others participated in other methods. “They’re all around watching it, in the room,” Lapatin said. With the video clip proof, detectives secured warrants for eight men, that were purportedly in the room with the teen and took part in the attack.

Carlos Vasquez
From left to right, top to bottom: Carlos Vasquez, Malcom Baptista, Jose Vargas, Luis Luna, Erving Keith Colon, Richard Chester, Carlos Chicon, and Luis Cabrera (Photo Credit: Police Handout)

Twenty-year-old Richard Tarell Chester of Seekonk, Massachusetts, who was alone with the girl when she woke up and told the girl to leave the house, was arrested and also charged with first-degree sexual assault on a person who was mentally incapacitated and conspiracy. He was purportedly seen raping the teenager on the Facebook video clip, according to an affidavit supporting a search warrant. Chester was ordered to be held without bail in Rhode Island.

The other 7 males were charged with assault with intent to commit first-degree sexual offense on a person that was mentally incapacitated as well as conspiracy. They were identified as 19-year-old Luis Cabrera, Jose Vargas, Malcom Baptista, Luis N. Luna, Carlos Vasquez, 20-year-old Carlos Chicon, as well as 25-year-old Erving Keith Colon– every one of Providence. The accused are all good friends, according to police, and also many were well-known to city police who investigate major criminal offenses, according to the Globe:

“At least two are affiliated with local gangs, according to court records, and several were out on bail on charges including felony assault, illegally carrying firearms, dealing drugs, and threatening to kill Providence police officers.

Chester has a lengthy criminal record that includes charges for beating up a father in front of the man’s 3-year-old daughter at Neutaconkanut Park two months after the alleged rape. The man told police that Chester and another man attacked him when he asked Chester not to ride his dirt bike near the children, according to court records.

Vasquez, Vargas, and Baptista were also arrested after a disturbance involving alleged gang members three months after the alleged rape occurred. Baptista was arrested during the fight, and Vasquez, who also spells his name Vazquez, was subsequently arrested after allegedly making threats to police on video. Vargas was arrested on gun and drug charges in connection with the incident.

Luna had recently been charged with breaking and entering in Johnston. He also had recently pleaded no contest to a misdemeanor charge of receiving stolen goods. Colon also has a lengthy record that includes domestic assault and possession of a stolen vehicle.”

Richard Tarell Chester (Photo Credit: Police Handout)

When it comes to the teen, she is said to have actually recovered from the attack after receiving solutions from sexual assault trauma experts and the state Department of Children Young People and also Families. “She’s in a safe place and she’s doing okay,” Lapatin said. Anyone who’s suffered sexual assault, however, understands that it has long-lasting implications that she will deal with for the rest of her life. The fact that her opponents tape-recorded it makes it all the tougher since anything posted online never actually “goes away.” She has been rightfully commended for her bravery.

“I commend her bravery, her courage, and her family for sticking by her,” said Chief of Police Colonel Hugh T. Clements Jr. “It’s easy to say come forward, but if you’re the one who has to move forward on this case, make a statement, identify people, and put your right hand up in court and get grilled by a defense attorney or in this case, eight defense attorneys, it’s easy to say. So, I give her a lot of credit.”

These so-called men were emboldened enough to not just victimize this teenage girl, but, to also record and post it on Facebook. While we are grateful that their arrogance and incompetence provided the evidence required to lock them up, it likewise proves their degree of inconceivable depravity as well as utter negligence for a fellow human being. Those that show such malignance and predatory habits have no place in a civil society. Their fellow inmates may teach them what the most hardened criminals think of those who sexually victimize children.

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