FINALLY! Parents Stand Up To National Sex-Ed Standards That Groom Kindergarteners

Less than 4 percent of Illinois public schools have agreed to teach the extreme National Sex-Ed Standards promoted by Democrats across the United States.

The Center Square reported that Illinois school districts across the state opted out of the standards, with only 20 districts actually adopting them.

The Illinois standards teach elementary school students, including kindergartners, about the sexual ideologies of the left including consent, gender identity, hormone blockers, and healthy relationships.

Under the standards, middle schoolers build upon what was learned in elementary school by adding to the curriculum dating violence prevention, different types of sex, and sexual harassment.

The National Sex Education standards and the sex education that they promote have raised the concerns of parents across the nation.

The Washington Free Beacon reported last November that thousands of parents in Massachusetts opted their children out of a federally funded sex education curriculum that teaches kindergartners about gay and transgender sex.

The Nebraska Department of Education shut out religious groups from sex-ed curriculum development.

Curriculum that includes plans to teach elementary school students about gender identity and transgender hormone therapy.

Illinois governor J.B. Pritzker (D.) signed a bill accepting the national sex education standards as the values of the state, making Illinois the first state to accept the standards last August. Pritzker said the law “will help keep our children safe.”

However, State Representative Adam Niemerg, R-Dietrich, pointed out that the curriculum is not age appropriate

“This is well beyond what the conversations that should be happening with our children in schools on this particular issue, when they should be focusing on reading, studying, and enjoying sports,” Niemerg told The Center Square.


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