January 6th Sham Committee Investigator Gets Kicked to the Curb

The newly ensconced GOP Government of Virginia under Governor Glenn Youngkin have let it be known that they will not countenance a “deep state” the likes of which exists at the federal level just over a hundred miles away in Washington, D.C. by essentially ‘cleaning house’ in the State Attorney General’s office, among other Executive branch offices. Particularly though, Democrats are crying foul over the firing of one Tim Heaphy, who in addition to being Counsel for the University of Virginia, was on leave in order to serve as one of the leading investigators on the January 6 House committee conducting a wanton witch hunt against conservatives, as reported by The Washington Post. If it hasn’t been made imminently clear by Reps. Adam Kinzinger and Liz Cheney being ostensibly kicked out of their own party (to the extent possible under the bylaws), it certainly is now: taking part in Nancy Pelosi’s hyper-partisan sham is career poison if you ever want to work with a Republican again.

Touching The January 6th Sham Leaves A Stain

Victoria LaCivita, spokeswoman for the new Republican AG Jason Miyares said the attorney general’s office had also fired the counsel for George Mason University, Brian Walther, saying it is common for an incoming attorney general to appoint counsel that shares its “philosophy and legal approach.” according to Conservative Brief. Naturally, both men are Democrats, which isn’t sitting well with the party suddenly finding itself very much in the minority in Commonwealth,  barely clinging to a slim two-seat hold on the State’s Senate.

LaCivita went on to say in a statement that the Democrat attorney turned Pelosi attack dog, was a “controversial” hire, and that Miyares’s Democratic predecessor, Mark R. Herring, “excluded many qualified internal candidates when he brought in this particular university counsel.”

“Our decision was made after reviewing the legal decisions made over the last couple of years,” she said, “The Attorney General wants the university counsel to return to giving legal advice based on law, and not the philosophy of a university. We plan to look internally first for the next lead counsel.”

“The decision had nothing to do with the January 6th committee or their investigations. It is common practice for an incoming administration to appoint new staff that share the philosophical and legal approach of the Attorney General. Every counsel serves at the pleasure of the Attorney General,” she said.

Virginia Democrats are decrying Miyares playing politics with legal positions in the state, a comical notion when you consider the astronomically small likelihood of a Democrat administration hiring a GOP attorney in today’s environment. But what Miyares spokeswoman, and indeed many mainstream media hacks leave out is the obvious ethical consideration at play:

How can you responsibly hire someone so utterly bereft of ethics and moral fiber that they would be a part of the most shameful, dishonorable tin-pot proceeding in the history of the United States Congress? Such a person is not fit to practice law, let alone be paid by the taxpayer to do so. It’s a stain that doesn’t wash, leaving a stench that never fades.

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