He Dug a Hole in The Ground, Ten Years Later It Saved His Life…

When tornados ripped through their town on December 10, one family in Bremen, Kentucky was lucky enough to have installed a storm shelter next to their house 10 years prior. 

Jordan Evans and his son Gage had been out of town when the tornadoes hit their town. 

However, Gage’s mother and the rest of their family were in immediate danger, with no basement in their home to get below ground. 

Thankfully, the eight family members and two dogs were able to relocate to their storm shelter just next door.

Justin Pointer, Gage’s stepfather explained “It started shaking the lid real bad, we had to hold it down.”

Pointer shared that his father had built that shelter nearly ten years ago, agreeing that their family’s safety was worth any price.

“He said he’d pay a hundred times more for it right now,” Pointer said.

This family’s story is a reminder that it’s important to be prepared for anything that may come and always have a few back-up plans in place just in case of emergency. 

Watch the video report here: WHAS11/Youtube


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