He Tried Kidnapping A Little Girl And Got Hit With Something He Never Saw Coming…

In Wichita Falls, a man was caught in the act of abducting a little girl.

At the time, the 7-year-old girl had been riding her scooter when the man had approached her.

11-year-old neighbor, TJ Smith, was one of several children that witnessed the interaction and at first, assumed the man was the girl’s cousin.

However, upon closer inspection, something seemed off.

That was when TJ alerted one of his adult neighbors, James Ware, about the incident.

In the meantime, TJ followed the kidnapper, identified as 26-year-old Raeshawn Perez, and directed Ware to the back of a vacant house on a nearby street.

When Ware arrived at the scene, he saw Perez attempting to put the young girl through a window.

Thankfully, after Perez had put the girl down, Ware and another adult witness chased and tackled the kidnapper to the ground.

According to police, Perez was planning to have sex with the girl and has been charged with aggravated kidnapping. He currently is being held in jail with his bail set at $50,000.

Wichita Falls Mayor Stephen Santellana shared with Times Record News that he was incredibly grateful for the people who helped stop Perez.

“It’s one of my proudest moments,” he said. “I represent the city of Wichita Falls and for me to represent three citizens like this, especially one who’s 11 years old, that keeps his wits about him and uses a little bit of bravery to help stop something that we don’t know what would have happened. Right now, we have a little girl that’s safe at home because of an 11-year-old and two other individuals who stepped up as community members.”

WFPD Public Information Officer Brandi Young made a statement regarding the unfortunate incident:

“This was an isolated incident, we want to stress to parents that it was isolated and there’s not any danger in the community from this. But to keep in mind safety tips on watching your children especially if they’re playing outside or when you’re out shopping  always keep them close to you.”

Thomas James (TJ Smith) holds up a special coin he received Thursday afternoon from Wichita Falls Police Chief Manuel Borrego.

Opposing Views reported on young TJ receiving an overwhelming amount of praise from online readers:

“TJ is definitely a hero!” one reader commented on Facebook. “So are the men that believed TJ and stopped this horrible individual. There is hope for all when people take a stand against Evil!”

“Sick sob,” another wrote. “Don’t get it….why these perverts will be allowed to walk free again. Their victims will be ruined for the rest of their lives. I say since they like to rape children maybe they should be put in general population in prison and the guards go to a long lunch and let them see what it feels like to be raped over and over again!!!!!!!!!”

“What a great hero he is to get adult to help in saving the little girl!” commented another. “Bravo! We need more people like this boy in the world! It just might make this world a better place to live in! Is a start in the right direction.”

Sources: OpposingViews,  KAUZTimes Record News


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