Here it Comes: New Urgent Warning Issued

National Security experts are giving a dire warning that potentially devastating attacks originating from ISIS-K and other Islamist terrorist organizations could be on the way. If the litany of global powers who have wrecked themselves upon the ancient peaks of the Hindu Kush mountains are any indication of history’s rhyme and meter, then they aren’t just whistling ‘Dixie’ either.

Experts in Central Asia will tell you that most Afghans care about their faith, their tribe, their family, and their nation, in that order. Through the distorted seventh-century lens of regressive, radical Islamism, the individual rights and freedoms exemplified by Western society in general and Americans, in particular, have spent the last three decades offending and threatening all of them. Even long after our withdrawal from the country, we present a very tempting target for a nation that no longer has cause to fear the consequences of attacking us.

For all of General Mark Milley’s big talk of “over-the-horizon” capabilities that will bring the Taliban to heel, in 2001 Al-Qaeda was able to strike a devastating blow to the US with little resources to speak of. Now the wealth and strategic advantage of another entire nation is at the disposal of those who would do our nation harm. Therefore, the threat cannot be overstated.


Director Elie Tenenbaum, with the Centre d’études de sécurité de l’Institut français des relations internationales in France told OANN  on August 27th that the attack on the Hamid Karzai Afghanistan International Airport would have “a lasting impact for the war on terror”.

“The big story here is that the Taliban won in Afghanistan. After 20 years of war, they defeated the first (leading) military in the world and the allies. This is the big story,” he stated. “This is the story that is going to is going to impact and influence jihadi fighters around the globe for the next decade.”

“It’s definitely showing that ISIS, as a global organization still in the game, is still able to target the United States, which is sort of golden target that any jihadi organization could hope for,” Tenenbaum explained. “This is something that has not been managed by a jihadi organization in a long time, fortunately. In the jihadi sphere, this is recruitment material which is thoroughly important, even though ISIS-K itself is not going to be possibly the first beneficiary in terms of flow of fighters.”

A Warning: They Will Be Protected By Iran & China

Tenenbaum’s conclusions are largely short-term. In the long term, the strategic picture gets even darker. China has long gazed at Afghanistan longingly for its “Belt and Road” initiative to establish infrastructure and trade routes linking them to their ally Iran via a land route free of American interdiction. The US still exerts utter supremacy at sea, something China won’t be challenging for at least another decade. the Wakhan Corridor links China to Kabul directly on Afghanistan’s most eastern border, it’s the very same route Marco Polo took in the year 1271.

According to Silk-Road Briefing,

“Potential routes exist along the Wakhan Corridor and via Tajikistan and Kyrgyzstan, but it is Pakistani access to Kabul that looks the better option – as long as the Taliban can provide stability, develop Afghan society, and refrain from regional aggression.”

With Chinese goods and Iranian Oil able to flow freely through Afghanistan on infrastructure financed and built by both Tehran and Beijing, if Afghanistan can be secured by the Taliban, the Islamist terrorists will find themselves a critical, though definitely a junior partner in a southern leg added to the ancient silk-road. And the United States will find itself contending with an Axis of opponents stretching from the Persian Gulf to the Pacific.

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