Hero Mom Who SACRIFICES Self For Baby Receives Miracle Too

Jessica Hanna has become a hero to many in the Pro-life movement as her story is a testimony of the grace of God and the power of choosing life.

The Michigan woman was concerned after finding a dent in her breast. Today more and more women are being diagnosed with breast cancer at younger ages than we have seen in the past. Taking the appropriate precaution Jessica went to her doctor and had the lump checked out. The tests came back and Jessica was told the dent was benign and that she had nothing to worry about.

It wasn’t until it was almost too late before Jessica would find out she was misdiagnosed. However, Jessica Hanna left the Doctors office that day relieved unaware of the choice she would have to make in just a few short months.

One month later Jessica was back in the doctor’s office for another issue entirely. She was pregnant.

The joyous news was a blessing to her family. Devote Catholics the Hanna’s looked forward to growing their family as God saw fit and this bundle of joy was well loved even before they knew what they were having.

At a routine OB-GYN visit, Jessica spoke up about her the dent in her breast and how she was still concerned about the area. Her OB-GYN was just as concerned and ordered new tests the results were devastating. Jessica had cancer, terminal cancer.

At this time Jessica’s Obstetrician and Oncologist both tried to convince her to abort her baby. She refused but fought her doctors over the issue multiple times throughout the pregnancy. The prognosis did not look good for Jessica but her Baby had a chance.

It was just a journey of, ‘Wow. Now you’ve talked the talk, the pro-life talk. Now, you’ve become the woman everybody uses in their arguments: What if the woman’s life is in danger?’” Hanna told EWTN News. “And now it’s time for me to walk the walk.”

Jessica’s tumor was 13 inches long and Doctors feared that the cancer had already invaded other areas of her body. She saw more then ten doctors, a majority of them still pushing for her to abort her child and under go radical chemotherapy.

But “it was not necessary at all. My prognosis didn’t change. My treatment plan did not change — pregnant or not pregnant,” she said. “Many people are not aware chemotherapy can be actually quite safe during pregnancy. I chose the middle road that I would do some chemotherapy with some modifications …”

“I thought no suffering should ever go to waste,” she told EWTN. “I don’t know where God is taking me. Is he going to take me to the path where I need to show people how to die gracefully, with his grace and mercy? Or is he going to show a miracle?”

Apparently God decided on the miracle. Jessica gave birth to a healthy baby boy and within a few months the doctors discovered that she also received a miracle- remission.

Jessica now uses her story to encourage others who are struggling with hard decisions to trust God.

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