Unlikely Candidate

Unlikely Candidate Gets Trump Endorsement for Michigan Race

Kristina Karamo is a Christian conservative adjunct professor in a small Christina Collge in Michigan. She is also a single mother of two. Her life and character make her an unlikely candidate to get the coveted endorsement of the 45th President of the United States.

But get the endorsement she did. Karamo is a republican candidate running to be Michigan’s next Secretary of State. If she achieves this goal, she will be the first Black woman to hold the office.


An Unlikely Candidate on a Mission

Karamo first grabbed the public’s attention when she testified in front of Michigan’s State Senate as a Republican poll challenger. The Election fraud she witnessed had to be brought to light and Kristina Karamo was up for the fight.

According to Karamo, a vote came in with both presidential candidates filled out on the ballot, but administrators counted it for Biden instead of throwing the vote out. According to Michigan state law, this is illegal.

“The poll worker then said, ‘I think I’m gonna give it to the Democrats’. That’s absolutely absurd,” Karamo stressed. “That is illegal. The vote should have been tossed out. At that moment, I said absolutely not, I’m gonna challenge this. So, I go get her supervisor. And then her supervisor defers to her and says ‘well what do you think’? And I’m like, what do you think? It doesn’t matter what you think. It’s the law.”

Karamo understands that so many Michiganders feel their vote no longer matters. This is why she feels compelled to run and clean up a system that is busier covering for the corrupt than working for the people.

She also understands that being a firebrand isn’t always the right tactic. She will have to win over and change the minds of many Michigan citizens that may not think the same way as her or even be passionate about the same thing she is.

“One of the things that I’ve tried to be very cognizant of, you know, I’m running a statewide race. And I understand I have to win the hearts and minds of people who may not necessarily think like me,” Karamo stated.

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