How the Democrat Party is Destroying Itself

The 2022 and 2024 elections are existential threats to the Democratic Party, the polling implosion in the fourth quarter that has been catastrophic for both Joe Biden and Kamala Harris has spread to the entire party with a dramatic 5 point flip in Party preference in just three months, a seven-point plunge for Democrats and a likewise surge for the GOP. In short, under the Biden-Harris regime, the Democratic Party is on an irreversible course to destroying itself.

The Daily Mail reports,

“American support for the Democratic Party took a plunge last year while the GOP saw its highest popularity since 1995, as President Joe Biden faces mounting criticism over inflation and COVID ahead of the November midterms.

A new survey conducted by Gallup revealed 47 percent of Americans identified as Republican or Republican-leaning at the end of 2021.

This was a nine percent increase in support from the start of the year. Meanwhile, 42 percent of survey participants identified as Democrat or Democrat-leaning between October 1 and December 31, a seven percent decrease from the first quarter of the year.”

Historically, the Democrats as the minority party enjoyed a five to six point advantage during President Trump’s first term, but 2021 saw a steady gradual rise in support as more moderates, independents and even some hardliners become dissatisfied with Biden and the party that propped him up.

Biden Is Destroying Everything He Touches

The one and the only reason that the Democrats are attacking the filibuster as forcefully as they are now is that they are quite simply ‘out of road’. From the start of the Biden-Harris regime, the Democrat-Socialist’s hold on each chamber of Congress has been tenuous and slim at best. While the’ve puffed up their chests paraded about as if they held a commanding majority a mere two Democrat Senators who upheld the traditions of the chamber instead of bowing to their party leaders have been enough to utterly thwart their designs. Biden’s nightmarish Jan. 19th press conference only served to ram the point home.

As rank and file Democrats and the mainstream media dutifully pillory Senators Joe Manchin and Kyrsten Sinema and Hillary maneuvers to swoop in as the party’s savior, the desperation is palpable.

The Democratic Party Is In A Death Spiral

Even if the Democrats were able to somehow force through their “electoral reforms” piece by piece and assume full control of every ballot in the nation, the changes will take time to implement and the complete wrecking ball of 2022 looms large. With the list of Democrats retiring from congress now up to 26 compared to only 13 Republicans and considering this alongside 10+/- Senate seats that could flip either way, they’re terrified. Incredibly little has been accomplished in the first two years under Biden, and certainly nothing durable, with most being Executive Order based administrative changes. And impeachment is all but certain if the GOP can gain the necessary majorities.

With Biden’s numbers in freefall and his cognitive abilities highly questionable, even a bipartisan Senate might impeach him or trigger a Nixon-esque resignation where a cadre of senior Senate Democrats, doubtless led by a despondent Schumer inform Biden that they “don’t have the votes” to save him, mirroring the historic meeting when  Sen. Goldwater, (R-AZ).,  House Minority Leader Rhodes, (R-AZ)., and  Senate Minority Leader Scott, (R-PA), told Richard Nixon the same. At this point, with Kamala Harris’ approval numbers strapped tightly to Biden’s as they reach terminal velocity, even a 25th Amendment shift to put Harris in the big chair is unlikely to save them.

The filibuster is a just the means-to-an-end, a red-herring. The Democrats’ only hope for survival as a party at the national level for the next decade is to seize control of our elections and tilt the scale to keep themselves in power. They have no up and comers, no realistic bench of Presidential or even Congressional Leadership candidates and eventually, the current leaders are going to age out the ol’ fashion way with none but feckless activists and rabid radicals to take over, none of which know how to run a party or a government.

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