1619 Project

How You Can Fight Against the 1619 Project and Win

Nikole Hannah-Jones does not know history, and she wants to make sure you don’t either. On Oct 13 Hannah-Jones was rewarded the Freedom of Speech Award by the Roosevelt Institute. In her acceptance speech, she let slip the truth behind the 1619 Project.

Published by the New York Times Magazine the 1619 Project redefines the birth of America. Instead of seeing America’s birth in 1776, or in the advent of or Pilgrim forefathers in Plymouth, the 1619 Project defines the roots of America in the first slaves brought to the Jamestown colony.


By directing the spotlight of history at this moment Hannah-Jones tries to redefine the values and principles that America was founded on. She instead creates a narrative to support ideologies and leftist policy. More specifically the policy of reparations and the teaching of Critical Race Theory.

Hannah-Jones admits that her beloved 1619 project is simply that, narrative, a tool to be used for political change.

The 1619 Project Proves We Must Know Our History

Lies can only be defeated by truth. The lies about American history can only be overcome when American citizens learn the truth. A prime example of this is understanding who the first slaveholder was in America.

Slavery in America did not start out how we picture it today. The first slaves were not actually slaves, but indentured servants. Indentured servitude has been a product of society almost since the fall of Adam and Eve. Much of the slavery spoken about in the Bible means indentured servitude.

This is not a case of slavery as we see it defined today but instead is a situation where men, or women, came as servants to an employer, whether through the prison system to pay off a debt, or as a means for employment where land or money may be rewarded at the end of the agreed-upon time period. Indentured servants usually had a time limit of around 7 years.

Slavery, as we know it today, is when one person owns another. There is no end to the servant’s time of service. It is a life sentence and usually was abused by those in power.

In that case, the first Slaveholder of America was Anthony Johnson, a black man. Mr. Johnson was an indentured Servant brought to Virginia in 1619. He works off his service and afterward became a landowner himself.

In 1655 Mr. Johnson sued for the right to own for life one of his indentured servants, another black man by the name of John Casor. This court case set the precedent that gave birth to slavery in America.

But that, of course, is something the Left doesn’t want you to know, and the more truth you know the better you will be able to fight against Leftist narratives like the 1619 Project.

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