Joe Biden Finally Admits to It

Joe Biden Finally Admits to It

Joe Biden has finally admitted that he has been soft on China. His response to a Fox News reporter’s question has many people concerned. Biden also backpedaled on his earlier comments about Georgia, which surprised many people.


Just a week prior to his new comments, Joe Biden retaliated against Georgia’s decision to protect election security by endorsing Major League Baseball’s decision to move its July All-Star game out of Georgia.

A week later, he’s singing a different tune. Although he maintains that he supports “whatever judgement they make,” Biden expressed pity for the pain the move will cause for businesses and the citizens of Georgia.


“There’s another side to it too, the other side to it too is when they in fact move out of Georgia, the people who need the help the most, people who are making hourly wages sometimes get hurt the most. I think it’s a very tough decision for a corporation to make or group to make. But I respect them when they make that judgment,” Biden said.

It’s surprising to see Biden, who supports business-destroying lockdowns and has signed several executive orders that have cost thousands of jobs, actually expressing sympathy for the people effected by left-wing activism.


Joe Biden also answered a question from a Fox News reporter concerning communist China, though his answer wasn’t surprising.

“Mr. President, You mentioned 554,064 Americans dead from COVID-19. A lot of families want to know how this happened, how it got here. Have you had a chance to speak to any of your international partners?” Peter Doocy asked.

“President Xi, who I know you go way back with, have you had the chance to ask him if these reporters are true that China maybe misled the world at the beginning?” Doocy continued.

“No, I have not had that conversation with President Xi. Thank you,” Biden responded.

Biden’s admission isn’t surprising, but it is scary for the American people. China’s lies, attempted coverup, promotion of baseless conspiracy theories, and silencing of medical professionals during the pandemic have been widely reported on. It has also been proven that China purposely delayed releasing critical information about COVID at the start of the pandemic. All of these actions by the communist country have hurt the rest of the world, yet Biden is too scared to confront Xi Jinping about them.

The Daily Wire has reported on the serious issues with China’s response to the pandemic:

“U.S. officials have indicated that they believe that China “intentionally” underreported their true numbers “by at least a factor of 50.” British officials reportedly told Prime Minister Boris Johnson early in the pandemic that China could have underreported their numbers “by a factor of 15 to 40 times.” The Washington Post reported in April that “evidence” coming out of Wuhan suggested that the real death count was over 40,000, which comes as China still claims that it only has a little over 4,600 deaths total nationwide. A conservative estimate in April from the American Enterprise Institute (AEI)—which gave China every benefit of the doubt when coming up with their calculations, and then some—suggested that China severely and “deliberately” underreported their numbers and that China’s true numbers at the time had to be at least 2.9 million infections with well over 100,000 deaths.”

John Ratcliffe, the Director of National Intelligence under President Trump, made it clear in December of 2020 that the Chinese Communist Party was aware that COVID was transmissible, yet they still “allowed it to go from China to the rest of the world.”

“They intentionally and deliberately downplayed it in their country, pressured World Health Organizations, and allowed it to spread to the rest of the world,” Ratcliffe said. “And that didn’t just have the effect of wrecking the global economy. It didn’t just have the effect of killing millions of people, including hundreds of thousands of Americans. It also had grave political consequences.”

The Bottom Line

It’s no secret that Joe Biden is soft on China, and his family’s connections to the communist country have clearly compromised his ability to lead the United States. If he actually cared about the American people, and actually had a spine, Biden would have called Xi Jinping out on his lies. Obviously, he doesn’t.

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