Less Than 24hrs and Liberal Pubs are Dragging Deceased Republican Through the Mud

One could compare the Liberal Canadian Satire website “The Beaverton” to The Babylon Bee, but it wouldn’t be nearly fair to the Bee, even for a satire site they have some lines they won’t cross. At least one of them is waiting for a body to be cold before blasting them with a hit piece. It took less than 24 hours after the death of former Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld for The Beaverton to lay into him. A litany of supposedly ‘legitimate’ liberal mainstream media outlets like The Atlantic, Slate, The Nation, and MSNBC’s Rachel Maddow followed suit shortly after.

The Beaverton wrote snidely, “Former U.S. Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld, who died today at the age of 88, will reportedly get his long-awaited chance to confront deposed Iraqi dictator Saddam Hussein as the two are set to be reunited in Hell’s everlasting lake of fire.” They cited a likely fictitious “Pentagon source close to Rumsfeld” as the vehicle for their insult. The article, clearly not intended to be taken seriously went on to quote “sources inside the Infernal Kingdom of the Prince of Lies” and a Demonic  “Great Marquis of Hell with 30 legions of demons under his command”, so yes, there’s that.

Far more troubling were the mainstream media characterized Sec. Rumsfeld: “America’s worst secretary of defense”- The Atlantic, “The Man Without a Plan” ” A master bureaucratic infighter whose shallow understanding of the world led America into a catastrophe.” -Slate, “Master at ‘lies about the most consequential things,” – Rachel Maddow. The Nation’s headline read “War Criminal Found Dead at 88”. It’s absolutely horrific.

The Liberal Left Lashes Out At Rumsfeld For A War We All Approved Of

Agree or disagree with how Donald Rumsfeld and his DoD prosecuted a war that our Government OVERWHELMINGLY and BIPARTISANLY endorsed, a war of righteous retribution that the American people with frightening near-unanimity called for, this was a man. This was a Veteran Naval Aviator,  an American whose career held titles like Congressman, Director, Counselor, Ambassador, Chief of Staff, and finally Secretary of Defense. Rumsfeld was a man who spent Sixty-Seven of his Eighty-Eight years in service to the American people. He served in three Presidential Administrations. And people will only judge him on the actions he undertook, for good or ill executing the near-unanimous will of the American people.

When that unanimity collapsed as it always does, the work still had to be done. Unfortunate, terrible work, that couldn’t be left half-completed. The left lashes out at Rumsfeld for what he was commanded to do by and for his people. Because suddenly we all woke up and found ourselves ashamed of a forever war we’d love to forget.

Its’ far easier to blame men like Secretary Rumsfeld who were tasked with carrying out our nation’s terrible wrath than to take responsibility for what we unleashed in response to the horror loosed upon us on a cool September morning twenty years ago.

Matt Latimer, a former speechwriter for President George W. Bush who worked for Rumsfeld wrote a heartfelt, unflinching tribute to the man in Politico it’s worth a read.

Lattimer wrote,

“They blamed him for pushing for the invasion of Iraq in the first place (regime change had been official U.S. policy since the late 1990s, and numerous Democrats and Republicans in Congress called for and voted to authorize Saddam Hussein’s removal. If there’s guilt on that score, it’s a collective one). They blamed him for claiming there were Weapons of Mass Destruction in Iraq (an assertion also made by the Clintons, by foreign leaders with their own intelligence agencies, by foreign policy experts like Joe Biden, to the U.N. by Colin Powell, who personally examined the intelligence himself, and by almost all the punditry who would later pretend they hadn’t said that). They blamed him for simultaneously listening to and then not listening to “his” generals. It was Don Rumsfeld’s curse that he was known as such a strategic thinker and hard charging manager (his Rumsfeld’s Rules of management had become a DC legend); people assumed he was responsible for everything.

To be sure, he was not blameless over the Iraq War and its management. These are arguments that will outlive us all. But it also wasn’t true that it was solely his idea to invade Iraq— constitutionally it wasn’t even his decision—and it certainly wasn’t his plan to stay there forever.”

Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld carried the heavy burden of delivering the righteous wrath of the world’s most powerful nation, one which was an angry, wounded nation at the time. No one man or woman bears the full weight of responsibility for the War On Terrorism, it belongs to all of us. And only man’s history and God himself can truly judge us. As for Don Rumsfeld, he died as he lived: a complex, nuanced man.

As Latimer wrote ” He refused many opportunities to make a McNamara-esque apology for Iraq that would make him look good or to fault President Bush or others for the decisions he took part in. Instead, he lived his life—writing bestselling memoirs, spending time out West, helping others where he could, trying to make the world a better place without bitterness or rancor.”

And we will not here today, question his logic or insult his integrity by attempting to whitewash or defend his actions, which many of us rightly disagree with and even abhor. But the leftist media’s take on Rumsfeld’s death, just like any other right-leaning figure (Rush Limbaugh, Justice Antonin Scalia, Andrew Breitbart, et. al.) isn’t just distasteful, it’s disgusting. In case you’re wondering what it’s going to look like as soon as the first Trump official bites the big one, this was just foreplay.

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