Listen Closely to What President Trump Just Said [VIDEO]

President Donald Trump took the stage in Des Moines, Iowa in support of Senator Chuck Grassley and to reinforce the need for America-First Republicans to dominate House and Senate races in 2022 to pave the way for a Republican Presidential victory in 2024. His ninety-minute-plus address covered vast amounts of ground from the insanity of the Democrat-Socialists spending plan to the IRS victimizing conservatives to the catastrophic withdrawal from Afghanistan as well as investigations into the clearly manipulated results of the 2020 Election. According to IowaNewsNow whose Twitter account was subsequently suspended (possibly for covering the event) and technotrenz at least 20,000 attendees joined the President and Senator Grassley.

Most telling of the event, and probably the single greatest highlight was President Trump’s summation of his 2020 Election experience, it was simple, straightforward, and most of all it rang true.

“We all got them by surprise in 2016 and they said, “We’ll never let this happen again.” They worked hard for four years and yet we did far better in 2020 than we did in 2016. It was a rigged election. It’s very interesting, a reporter from one of the people, sending back that big one, on the liberal side said, “What was the difference between 2020 and 2016?” I said, “Well, the primary difference was I did much better in 2020 than I did in 2016. The rallies were bigger.

The enthusiasm was even greater, if that’s possible. And we got far more votes, almost 75,000,000 votes, more than any sitting President has ever gotten.” Last time we got 63,000,000. We got 12,000,000 more votes. No President in history has ever gotten that many more votes from the time before, not even close. So we got 63,000,000 in 2016. I was told by the best pollster, supposedly the best pollster.

I won’t use his name because you have other good pollsters, but you have mostly, really bad pollsters, evil pollsters, crooked pollsters. But they came to me and they said, “Sir, you got 63,000,000 votes. If you get 64,000,000 votes, you can’t lose. If you get 65,000,000 it’s over, sir.” I got almost 75,000,000, probably I got 85,000,000 but who the hell knows?

And we lost, they say, and our country’s paying a very big price as everybody knows.”

President Trump Is Telling The Truth That America Needs To Hear

In regard to the Presidential Election Results of 2020, Trump addressed the situations in several states, beginning with what the GOP called “America’s Audit” in Arizona,

  • “Just recently, we got the results of the Arizona forensic audit, but the papers refused to report it the way it was, which showed massive irregularities, to put it nicely. That’s a nice word. A few in the findings, 23,344 mail-in ballots came from people who no longer lived at that address. Oh, that’s wonderful. The entire margin in the state, remember, or as they say, lost. We didn’t lose. But the number they concocted was 10,457. That’s what I lost by 10,000 votes. A little more than 10,000. There was no chain of custody, which you have to have provided for. Listen to this, no chain of custody for 1.9 million mail-in ballots. Now think of that. We need 10,000. There’s no chain of custody for 1.9 million. There were 2,500 duplicated ballots with no serial numbers. Oh, they have to have a serial number. What happened to the serial number? There was also missing serial numbers on thousands and thousands of adjudicated ballots. At least 1,900 blank mail-in ballot envelopes were discovered. Well, it’s not supposed to be blank. There were numerous bad signatures or mail-in ballot envelopes that should not have been counted. These are all things that they have. 2,081 votes were cast by people who had moved out of the state. Oh, that’s wonderful. But we’re talking about Arizona. You’re supposed to live in Arizona. 10, 324 voters might have voted in multiple counties. Oh, well, that’s okay. I vote here. Let’s vote in another county, maybe two or three or four. 284,412 ballot images were quote, corrupt, they quoted, corrupt or missing. Oh, but I only lost by a little more than 10,000 votes. In addition, the auditors discovered that millions of the election-related files, the files were deleted during and after the election, in violation of federal law, including a purge of the election management system software the day before the audit began. Oh, I see.”

Regarding Georgia:

  • “It was recently reported that 43,000 absentee ballot votes were counted in DeKalb County, Georgia, that violated the chain of custody rules, 43,000. Georgia was decided by only 11,779 votes. In other words, I needed 11,779 votes, and they have 40,000 here and 20,000 here. There were many other infractions in Georgia, but the Secretary of State, Raffensperger, and the governor of…Secretary of State, Raffensperger, and the Governor of Georgia, Brian Kemp, who I got elected by giving him an endorsement. Thank you very much for that recommendation to endorse this guy, absolutely refused to do anything about it.”

In Pennsylvania:

  • “In Pennsylvania, they were reportedly hundreds of thousands of more votes than there were voters, oh, I see. Philadelphia, more votes than voters. That’s a tough one to explain. Why didn’t they do something about that? Hopefully the people of Pennsylvania are angry that this can be allowed to happen, and will not allow the Republican majority to be re-elected if they don’t get to the bottom of it fast, but there’s no getting to the bottom. We won the State.
  • I was up by massive numbers on election day. Even the news was saying, “Wow, what a big lead in Pennsylvania.” I love Pennsylvania, I went to school in Pennsylvania College, but what a great State and what great people, and I was up by so much, all of a sudden the booths closed, the Tabulation Centers are closed, three o’clock in the morning. And shortly thereafter, we’re tied and then we’re losing by just a little bit. We’re just losing by just a little bit. No, it’s a disgrace. And the US Attorney said that he was told by the Attorney General not to do anything. The US Attorney was a pretty tough guy. He was told not to do anything by the Attorney General because the Attorney General, I think didn’t want to have problems. He was very worried about certain things with regard to himself, and I think it was probably the easy way out, but so bad for our country. The US Attorney of Philadelphia, in the Philadelphia area said, “I was told…” In writing, said, “I was told not to do anything, not to pursue it.”

Trump’s remarks were by no means limited to the serious and unaddressed evidence of electoral fraud emerging in multiple states, but he also spoke extensively on the Green New Deal and America’s decline into Socialism as well as the growing crisis of stagflation, the combination of zero growth combined with inflation, unseen since the Carter administration. The 45th President spoke to the growing frustrations and a simmering sense of unease that has gripped the US, that so very many of us know that something is terribly and fundamentally wrong with where the Biden-Harris regime is leading us. If the Des Moines rally is any indication, the President is once again tapping into a deep common consciousness among the American people, a core understanding of what is true and what is not. No matter how much the left attempt to skew history, the four years of Trump’s first term were some of the most prosperous in the last century. And deep down, every American knows that this is the zeitgeist that Trump is tapping into, this is the vast reservoir of outrage, of righteous wrath, of rational reality, and of a simple objective truth: that the United States of America was worse off under Obama, under Clinton, and now under Biden.

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