Man Who Smeared Human Feces On Subway Passenger Gets a Dose of Karma

A 37-year-old man accused of smearing human feces on an unsuspecting subway rider has just received a bit of karma while in prison, as an inmate threw boiling water into his face, possibly leaving him permanently disfigured.

In February, Frank Abrokwa was arrested by police and charged with forcible touching, menacing, disorderly conduct and harassment.

The incident occurred at the East 241st Street Station in the Bronx, where surveillance video captured Abrokwa allegedly defecating in a bag before approaching a 43-year-old woman seated on a bench and “striking her in the face and back of the head with human feces.” The man can be seen repeatedly hitting the woman before walking away.

Police sources indicate that Abrokwa has 44 prior arrests, one felony conviction, and 10 misdemeanor convictions. And apparently Abrokwa has quite an extensive history of assaults involving transit, according to authorities.

Now, after the prison attack, Abrokwa is expected to have permanent facial scarring, jail sources stated.

“He didn’t deserve it but if anyone was going to get burned, he would be the first one in line,” the source said.

Ironically enough, the sources also mentioned that the prisoner who attacked Abrokwa, who goes by the name “Burns” has been relocated to another housing area.

Abrokwa had been on bail at Rikers Island after allegedly damaging a glass window with a weight at the Treasure Island Storage Facility in Harlem.

Watch it here: Youtube/Fox 5 New York

Sources: Dailywire, Meaww, Dailymail


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