Former President Donald Trump Has Some Big News

Mar-a-Lago Special Master Announced It, Trump Has to…

Last week, the DOJ took a crushing blow by Judge Cannon.

Cannon agreed to appoint a Special Master to review the documents taken from Mar-a-Lago by the FBI.

The Special Master in the case is former veteran chief federal judge Raymond Dearie.

Dearie also happened to be one of the FISA judges that signed off on one of the warrants in the Russian collusion investigation.

Get Over Here

After being appointed, Dearie has summoned Donald Trump and his attorneys to New York on Tuesday.

The attorney for the DOJ is also invited to join.

Both sides will be permitted to submit “proposed agenda items” for the meeting by Monday.

The DOJ investigation on this matter has had the brakes slammed on it while this review takes place.

If Cannon’s ruling holds up, the DOJ will not be able to touch a single document until the review has been completed in November.

The DOJ has already announced that it will appeal Cannon’s ruling.

Additionally, the DOJ has petitioned the court to allow it to review the 100 documents it has already deemed to have been classified information.

Source: Fox News

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