Mother Walks In On Her Teenage Daughter Overdosing, Then Sees Who Was Next To Her…

A man has been arrested by Metro Nashville Police and accused of sexually assaulting a 13-year-old girl.

According to police, the girl’s mother found her motionless laying on 27-year-old Jackson Hernandez-Gomez’s bed with white foam coming from her mouth.

The girl appeared physically helpless considering her physical state upon discovery.

The police were called to the scene by the mother and the girl was taken to Vanderbilt Pediatrics to be treated for a potential drug overdose.

When he spoke with the officers, Hernandez-Gomez stated that the girl allegedly arrived drunk and on drugs and stated that she wanted to have intercourse with him.

Shortly before her mother had entered the room, he claims the girl entered the room and laid on his bed, after which he touched her.

Hernandez-Gomez has been arrested and charged with sexual battery of a physically helpless person.

It is stories like this that make many parents fearful of their own daughter’s safety.

Sadly, it’s entirely possible for someone to try and take advantage of kids, especially with the numerous horrible things that can happen these days.

This incident serves as a reminder for parents to keep track of their children as much as possible and educate them on safety.


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