New Border Problem Surfaces… This is HORRIFIC

As illegal encounters at the southern border continue to set records, there is a new problem.

It would now appear that some migrants are taking a different route.

Encounters at our northern border are now also up significantly.

In fact, during the first two months of FY2023, encounters are the Canadian border are up 800 percent.

Here We Go Again

Prior to Christmas last year, there were only 81 migrants nabbed at the northern border.

This year, officials arrested 727 migrants coming across the Canadian border.

While this clearly is not the numbers we are seeing at the southern border, it is very concerning.

If migrants are starting to shift to the north to enter this country illegally, our border agents have no chance at all to control this…

It is almost as if they are just testing the waters at this point to see what they can get away with…

I can only imagine what immigration is going to look like for the next two years with Biden in office.

Source: Breitbart

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