Democrat State Rep. Resigns After Allegedly Stealing $600k

Democrat State Representative Michael DiMassa of the Connecticut General Assembly has resigned his seat after charges went public that he was caught stealing $636,783.70 in CARES ACT funding for COVID relief from the city of West Haven, where he was employed as an administrative assistant for the West Haven City Council. DiMassa and a co-conspirator formed Compass Investment Group, LLC. which fraudulently billed the city via its “COVID-19 Grant Department” for consultation services that were never performed.

Now as many will attest, there are two types of criminal politicians: smart ones and dumb ones, smart ones get re-elected again and again… the dumb ones do this.

According to a statement from the Department of Justice,


“It is further alleged that DiMassa made several large cash withdrawals from the Compass Investment Group LLC bank account, some of which were made shortly before or after he was recorded as having made a large cash “buy-in” of gaming chips at the Mohegan Sun Casino.”

Stealing $600k To Feed A Gambling Addiction?

Yup, seriously… he embezzled over $600k in federal COVID19 relief funds… and went gambling with them. The Connecticut Mirror reported that DiMassa claimed in court to have a gambling addiction and was released on $250,000 bail.

Connecticut Governor Ned Lamont(D) released a statement shortly after DiMassa’s resignation was announced.

“The allegations against Mike DiMassa are serious and very troubling. If the allegations are true, he has not only broken the law but also betrayed the public trust. He had no choice but to resign. The citizens of West Haven and all of Connecticut deserve honest government,” Gov. Lamont said.

According to The New Haven Register, “In subsequent comments to a Hearst Connecticut Media reporter, Lamont said, “Our credibility as political leaders is the public’s trust. Anytime something like that happens it hurts people’s faith in government. That’s why I’m glad the representative stepped aside. Let’s now let justice take its course, and every day I think the political class has to earn the respect of the voters.”

“As soon as we found and heard about potential fraud going on in West Haven, we were all over it,” Lamont said. “…We’re going to get to the bottom of it and do everything we can to make sure it doesn’t happen again.”

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