ONLY Dems Can View Hunter Biden Deep State DIRT

Only Democrats are allowed to look at “suspicious activity reports” concerning Hunter Biden, the Treasury Department declared. Republicans might find out that crimes were committed by Joe Biden as well as Hunter. The move is a flip of the bird directly at Charles Grassley, Ron Johnson, and Jim Jordan, who have been clawing to get at them for months. Those bigwigs may have clout in congress but they aren’t Democrat enough to get a look at potentially incriminating evidence.

Suspicious activity reports

The U.S. Treasury keeps track of potential money laundering and other crimes through the use of “suspicious activity reports.” It’s public knowledge that a whole stack have Hunter Biden’s name on them.

Senators and House Members on oversight committees have been trying to get a look at them to see what raised all the red flags. It’s not going to happen. The feds refuse to “hand over Hunter Biden’s financial information to Republican lawmakers.

The only way to get a look at the reports of suspicious Biden activity is for the request to “come through a committee with Democratic approval.” That’s not right. Funny how the Biden symbol of “transparency” is a black magic marker.

No matter how badly the ranking senators want to see the paperwork, “the request to go through a Democrat-controlled committee makes it virtually impossible.” The Just Us Department isn’t “biased” or anything, though, they insist.

In order to generate a suspicious activity report, someone needs to make a large cash transaction or transfer. Specifically, above $5,000. Hunter had his dad wire more than that much to him in Moscow, just to pay for a batch of Russian hookers. A lot more. It was 100k that time. He needed money from the Big Guy because the feds had frozen his bank accounts again.

The details in the reports might or might not indicate crimes. Hunter probably wasn’t trying to launder money, only buy illegal drugs and enable illegal human trafficking. With Joe’s cash.

Only the latest insult

According to Fox, the decision to hide the reports under lock and key “is the latest in a series of attempts by Republicans to get the information while the Treasury continues to deny their efforts.

Back in July, James Comer, who happens to be Ranking Member of the House Oversight and Reform Committee, “accused the Biden administration of changing standard operating rules to shield Hunter Biden from a potential Republican-led investigation.” Darn skippy, they admit. They can do as they please because the FBI works for the same global shadow leaders they do.

Committee Republicans are already “investigating whether this change in longstanding policy is motivated by efforts to shield Hunter Biden” and potentially Joe Biden “from scrutiny.” Those reports aren’t the only suspicious activity swirling around the Biden family.


On July 6, the Republican reiterated the request for the documents after the Treasury failed to hand over any “documents or information.” Old Yellen told him to get lost.

According to the report, “Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen is requesting a statement of purpose for seeking the information.” She also claims her refusal to comply “is not a political process.” Those suspicious activity reports are only meant for the regime in charge to see. “Since the beginning of this Administration, Treasury has made SARs available in response to authorized committee requests and continues to engage on the process with any individual members seeking information.” Yeah right.

As Merrick Garland said on TV recently, “the Just Us Department runs this country and don’t you forget it. The FBI and everything they do is totally legal, always.

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