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Secret Service TELL ALL About Their Involvement With…

Members of the Secret Service are “puzzled,” New York Post reports. How did they end up involved in Hunter Biden’s illicitly obtained and missing handgun when they weren’t working for any of the Bidens? It’s a mystery. One which House oversight committees are sure to be delving into directly.

Sketchy Secret Service help

The best explanation anyone at the Secret Service has come up with, so far, isn’t a solid one. “Maybe we were asked for a favor?” That’s the story and they’re sticking to it. At least, for now.

One of the things both Congress and allegedly the DOJ are probing into is a handgun “owned by Hunter Biden which was allegedly dumped in a trash can by his then-girlfriend in 2018.” The “girlfriend” was Hallie Biden, his brother’s widow. Hunter wasn’t exactly honest when he filled out the permit form.

Another batch of emails were produced in response to FOIA requests. These involve federal bodyguards asking awkward questions. It’s important to know that when Hunter’s gun went missing, “Biden and his family were not receiving Secret Service protection.

Judicial Watch got their hands on the exchange. The men in black officially denied everything. After Joe took charge, they issued a public statement insisting they had “no involvement in this alleged incident.

The FOIA request revealed “an agent, whose name was redacted, shared a link to an article from The Blaze” in October of 2020. He shared it with other Secret Service agents with the observation, “Oh dear…….

That’s what prompted one agent to speculate, “maybe we were asked for a favor?” Another agent added, “it’s kind of odd that we were involved in the missing gun investigation when neither Hunter or Joe were even receiving USSS protection at that time? Hmmm.

DOJ investigating purchase

The loss of Hunter’s handgun was the event which triggered alleged Secret Service involvement. They weren’t looking for it, they were more interested in the purchase. Specifically, the paperwork on the purchase. That makes things interesting because that’s what the DOJ has supposedly been investigating.

They haven’t been working the file real hard though, it seems. Delaware US attorney David Weiss has been working on it for years and hasn’t actually admitted any findings. The public already knows that Hunter answered “no” to the question asking: “Are you an unlawful user of, or addicted to, marijuana or any depressant, stimulant, narcotic drug, or any other controlled substance?” He’s admitted being a crack addict and booze hound.

When Hunter allegedly threatened to kill himself, Hallie “allegedly tossed the gun into a trash can across from a local high school.” Hunter found out, came unglued and sent her back to get it. By then it was gone. A dumpster diver found it and did the right thing by turning it in to police. That really ruined Hunter’s day.

That’s when the Secret Service also reportedly inserted itself into the fray, contacting the gun store where Hunter purchased the piece and asked for the sale paperwork.” The owner gave them the Garland treatment and told them to get lost. Ron Palmieri “refused to comply but did eventually hand over the documents to the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms.” That got the SS in trouble.

The Secret Service is being cagey about what it did for Hunter and I believe Hunter when he said the FBI and Secret Service had intervened for him,” Judicial Watch President Tom Fitton explains.

In my view this is another seaming example of Hunter and the Bidens getting taken care of and getting protected from the consequences of bad behavior — in this case this domestic issue which led to this gun being disposed of in an unsafe manner.

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