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Should Christians Leave Social Media?

Ding! The notification alarm reaches your ears and instantly your palms sweat. You glance at your screen, heart pumping, your dopamine-deprived brian begs you to hurry; Facebook is calling. Social Media has become our addiction as a culture. Tech giants create algorithms to tick of the addiction centers in our brains, we know this, and yet we return for more.

Our discourse has died, only arguments remain, and opinions expressed that we would never have spoken face-to-face. The Social Media Overlords call themselves “Fact Checkers” and censor any speech that rebels against their preferred view of the world.

 Social media is home to evil. The worst that humanity has to offer is free to be had with a tap of a finger. Children are preyed upon by sexual perverts. Young women believe that their bodies must be grotesquely misshapen by filters to be beautiful and that our self-worth comes from our following.


But Should Christians Leave Social Media?

Social Media is a tool. It is not a living, breathing thing, although it can feel that way. So should Christians leave it? No! Used well, it can touch the lives of people for good.

In the era of covid, and polarizing politics, it can feel like the simple answer to a better life is to leave. Drop the anxiety-inducing apps and live life with those around you. But can we do that without ceding ground in this spiritual war? Yes, by finding routines and boundaries that best work for you. Stop following those influencers and Social Media users that pull you toward sin. Be knowledgeable about your weaknesses and call on those more spiritually mature to keep you accountable.

Now is not the time to be complacent, to stick our heads in the sand, or circle the wagons. Now, more than ever, the world needs good news. Is there any news better than the life, death, and resurrection of Jesus Christ? Though we were once lost, broken, angry, and alone we are now whole, healed, saved, and loved? That we can share the peace we have found in Christ alone?

While others use Social Media to spread darkness, lies, and chaos we must use it all the better to spread hope to the masses. That even though they will censor us, digitally persecute us, we must stand firm.

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