White House Suddenly Stops Biden from Answering Media Questions [Info]

As Imperial Leader Joe Biden got ready to answer questions, starting with one from Utah Governor Spencer Cox, Propaganda Minister Jen Psaki jumped up and cleared the room like it was a rental and the next party was waiting. She wasn’t about to let Joe do to her what he did to CDC Prevention Director Rochelle Walensky.

No questions, Joe

Jen Psaki is still furious with His Wisdom over the way he played her for a fool last week. While she was busy answering reporters’ pointed questions by assuring them how busy Joe was with the Ukraine invasion crisis, Joe embarrassed her by strolling out for ice cream and a browse through the souvenir stores.

There’s no way she was about to let him do to her what he did to CDC director Walensky. Joe Biden totally contradicted the health official by declaring “plans to contain the highly contagious” omicron strain “by purchasing and administering more tests.

As one beltway observer notes about Monday’s “press availability event,” His Wisdom wasn’t very available. “Biden attempted to answer questions from the press Monday but White House staff quickly ushered them out.” Even CNN dared to describe how rude and “awkward the moment was.

Joe looked stunned himself, but then again, he always looks stunned these days. “Why don’t I stop and take any questions you might have? And they tell me I’m supposed to call on Governor Cox first.” Nope, sorry Joe, “they” lied, Psaki inferred. “Out. Quickly. Let’s go.

The hilarious escapade came at the conclusion of an event where a “bipartisan group of governors told President Joe Biden” to step away from the mandates.

It’s time, Arkansas Governor Asa Hutchinson insisted, that the country “move away from the pandemic.” Psaki wasn’t about to let Joe answer questions about that all on his own.

State of normality

After the governors were chased out of the room, along with all the press, Hutchinson gave an interview. “There’s a number of areas that we have full agreement on, and that is one: We need to move away from the pandemic.” He wasn’t afraid to answer the questions.

He told reporters that “we asked the President to help give us clear guidelines on how we can return to a greater state of normality.” Both sides of the aisle made it clear they wanted to “partner with the administration” in order to “move beyond the pandemic.

Biden has a lot on his plate this week. Not only is Vladimir Putin not going to invade Ukraine, even though he’s stockpiling soldiers, ammo and blood, Kim Jong Un is playing with his rockets again.

Xi Jinping is locking down whole cities around anyone who sneezes and seems to be getting ready to slap Taiwan around some. The questions Psaki really didn’t want Joe asked were the ones about the Canadian Freedom Convoy protest.

If Joe started talking about the Canadian border blockade, sooner or later questions would come up about the planned California to DC Convoy. That’s the last thing that the imperial palace wants anyone to know about.

The big thing they managed to shake out of Joe Biden in the conference was a promise “that his administration would try like the devil to keep schools open.” Let’s see him keep the Canadian border flowing with trucks as fast as the Mexican border flows with illegals.

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