Supreme Court Stands With Republican Governor

The game folks are calling “Texas freeze-tag” took a new twist on Tuesday when their Supreme Court decided to uphold the Constitution. As soon as troopers track down four more Democrats the game is over and Republicans win. The real victory will go to the voters, who finally will get the election integrity laws the liberals are fighting so desperately to prevent.

Supreme Court approves arrests

Democrats were not happy to hear that the Texas Supreme Court believes in the laws. The Democrats have unlawfully broken quorum and over two dozen fugitives have been hiding out of state, hoping liberals in D.C. will provide them sanctuary.

They’re terrified of doing the job they were elected to perform. If only four more of them can be compelled to clock in, the whole silly charade is over. They have to go home sooner or later and if the State Troopers snag them, they’ll be hauled into the office, in chains.


According to the state Supreme Court, sure they can be ” arrested and forcibly taken into the lower chamber.” On Tuesday, August 17, the Texas high court voided Travis County District Judge Brad Urrutia’s temporary restraining order. With extreme prejudice.

The liberal weasel tried to legislate from the bench, “prohibiting the arrest of Democratic lawmakers.” It was the latest move to block Republicans who had just “approved a motion directing law enforcement officials to find and arrest quorum-busting Democrats.” They ran to Washington because they can’t be arrested outside the state of Texas.

Some of the AWOL Democrats had returned. They’re laying real low these days, afraid to show up at their own homes. According to rumors, they’re couch surfing with friends and relatives and afraid to sleep in the same place twice.

All that to avoid what they collect a paycheck for. Conservatives say those should be “arrested” too. At least the Supreme Court still believes in the constitution.

The legal authority

The Texas Supreme Court didn’t have a hard time reaching this conclusion. There was only one “legal question before this court,” they wrote in the opinion. That one burning question “concerns only whether the Texas Constitution gives the House of Representatives the authority to physically compel the attendance of absent members.” Darn skippy. You betcha it does.

As Justice Jimmy Blacklock wrote for the court, we “conclude that it does, and we therefore direct the district court to withdraw” the temporary restraining order. Then fold it until it was all corners and stick it somewhere else.

The Supreme Court had already blocked “lower court rulings issued by Urrutia and a Harris County district judge to protect quorum-breaking Democrats.” They were fed up with it and starting to get annoyed.

“Tuesday’s ruling signified that it’s legal under the state Constitution for House leaders to compel members to be physically present in the House, even if it means their arrest.” Put em in chains.

The Governor, Greg Abbott had to call a second special session after the antics of Democrats to evade the first one. They thought they could run out the clock but it didn’t work out that way. Soon the rats in D.C. will be running out of cheese and forced to return to Texas.

There are spotters at the airport and bus stations just waiting for one of them to appear, hiding behind some Foster Grants. The Supreme Court already gave John Law full approval to slap on the cuffs the moment they touch down in Texas.

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