The Bank Gave Her a Million Bucks By Mistake and She Was Arrested After She….

When this woman from Louisiana noticed that her bank had mistakenly transferred her over $1.2 million into her bank account, she did what many would likely do: ask no questions, take the money and run.

33-year-old Kelyn Spadoni was originally expecting a deposit of $82 from Charles Schwab & Co. banking, however someone made a massive error which reflected a much higher sum of money.

Authorities reported that Spadoni quickly went to work transferring the cash into a secret account and not long after, she had purchased a home as well as a sports car.

According to court documents, Spadoni spent somewhere between $48,000 and $70,000.

Eventually the bank discovered their gigantic error and located the money, but when Spadoni continued to dodge their calls and messages they contacted police.

Spandoni has been arrested for theft, bank fraud, and illegal transmission of monetary funds.

A spokesman from the very sheriff’s department where she worked said, “She had no legal claim to that money. Even if it was put in there by mistake, it was an accounting error.”

“It’s not her money,” sheriff’s office spokesman Capt. Jason Rivarde commented in a media release. “She has no legal claim to that money,” he said. “Even if it was put in there by mistake. It was an accounting error… If someone accidentally puts an extra zero on a utility payment, they would want that money returned or credited to them. This is no different.”

Ultimately, authorities were able to collect about 75% of what had accidentally been given to Spadoni.

The woman has since been fired from her job as a 911 dispatcher where she worked for over 4 years. Schwab is also suing Spadoni for her dodging attempts to recover the money.



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