Trump Causing a Monsoon of Liberal Tears With Newest Business Venture

Governor Ron DeSantis and several Florida State Senators are pushing for legalized gambling to close some budget gaps and draw more tourist business dollars to the state in the post COVID world. The Associated Press and several other smaller media outlets have suggested that the hand of President Trump and the Trump Organization is visible just out of frame. However, Eric Trump has been vocal and is following in the new family tradition: trolling the hell out of them. In fact he’s suggesting transforming the Trump National Doral Resort into a Casino.

Trump’s Latest Trolling Gamble? Or a Solid Business Venture?

Gambling is hardly a new business for the Trump family. Many liberals will point you toward the now defunct Trump Casino in Atlantic City, New Jersey as an example of a Trump failure. This merely demonstrates a truly lacking understanding of the risks inherent to the hospitality business. And an even greater ignorance of the insanity of New Jersey politics that truly did the casino in.

According to The Hill,

Eric Trump, son of former President Trump and head of the Trump Organization, floated the idea of turning one of his family’s Florida golf courses into a casino, according to a Washington Post report published Wednesday.

“Many people consider Trump Doral to be unmatched from a gaming perspective — at 700 acres, properties just don’t exist of that size and quality in South Florida, let alone in the heart of Miami,” Eric Trump said in an email to the Post.

There is probably more to this than meets the initial scoffs of the mainstream media, President Trump after all once told the Miami Herald “I think gambling is a good thing for Miami,”.

Florida legislative bills HB 1317, HB 1321 and HB1319 were filed by Republican State Representative Chip Lamarca and Democrat Rep. Anika Omphroy on Feb. 25th and represent a truly bi-partisan effort, something almost unheard of in 2021. The Hill reports that “Florida Senate President Wilton Simpson (R) was planning to introduce the bill sometime this week or early next.”

DeSantis, Trump the Florida GOP And Even Some Democrats are Onboard

“Gaming negotiations are extremely complicated, and while Simpson believes the efforts are worthy, it is also important to be realistic about where we are,” Simpson spokesperson Katie Betta told The Post. She added that Sen. Simpson ““has been involved in these negotiations for years, and if they get to a place where he believes an agreement would benefit the State of Florida and have the support of his colleagues in the Legislature as well as the Governor, he would be happy to discuss further details.”

With the Trump family seeming to line up behind the effort, a bipartisan push underway and Governor Ron DeSantis telling the Tampa Bay Times that a gaming deal “is close” that time may be now. Gov. DeSantis said “We will probably know one way or the other within the next week or so whether we have a path to agreement,” after a meeting with the pari-mutuel gambling leaders.

But of course the Liberal tears must flow and many Florida Democrats just can’t see past their Trump Derangement Syndrome to the money they’ve been leaving on the table. Blue check Twitter is naturally losing their minds, but many Floridians and Americans all over the nation can’t wait to try their luck in a mask-less entertainment venue with gold fixtures.

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