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Trump DID IT… Complete Hillary MELTDOWN

With Donald Trump now officially the GOP nominee, Hillary Clinton is trying to get another 15 minutes of fame.

She is doing this by hitting up every podcast and TV show that will have her.

Unfortunately, she has nothing new to say and sounds like a crazy woman during these interviews, with Trump clearly still inside her head.

Let It Go

Hillary is once again trying to link Donald Trump to Vladimir Putin, continuing to push the narrative that Russia is running Donald Trump.

Hillary is taking this to a different level now, however, saying that “Putin does what Trump would like to do.”

She went on to give several examples, which included Putin imprisoning his enemies, which is almost laughable.

I say this because everything that Hillary suggested Trump wants to do is exactly what Biden’s DOJ is doing to Trump right now.

Donald Trump is facing four federal indictments, at least two of which are laughable.

At the top of that list is the Alvin Bragg hush-money case, which is actually eerily familiar to the Hillary Clinton Steele Dossier case.

Hillary had been accused of falsifying records for how her campaign classified the payments for the dossier, also categorizing them as a business expense.

The difference is that a deal was worked out, and only a fine of $113,000 was issued. There was no felony, no jail time, just a slap on the wrist.

Yet, here is Donald Trump, facing 34 felony indictments for the same “crime,” literally facing a jail sentence that would never see him be a free man again if convicted.

So, please Hillary, tell us again who wants to imprison their enemies.

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