Watch as Rep. Lauren Boebert Destroys Sexist Pig Jimmy Kimmel

Watch as Rep. Lauren Boebert Destroys Sexist Pig Jimmy Kimmel

Colorado Republican Representative Lauren Boebert has called out Jimmy Kimmel as a sexist pig after he insulted her on his so-called “comedy” show.

While Jimmy Kimmel claims that Kamala Harris’ low approval rating is due to “sexism,” he is actively being sexist against women in the Republican Party.

On his late-night show, Kimmel played a clip from a video that Boebert posted to her Twitter account, in which she was talking about Anthony Fauci and the new reports that show he helped fund lab experiments that tortured and killed beagle puppies.


“The reports alleging the animal mistreatment stem from a Freedom of Information Act request. That request came from the watchdog group White Coat Waste Project, and it turned up some shocking findings. Among them: That taxpayer money funded drug experiments involving a few dozen beagle puppies. The group’s report went so far as to claim that researchers locked the dogs in cages. And even allowed starved sandflies to eat the puppies alive,” BGR reported.

Kimmel played a short clip from Boebert’s video on his show, where she said: “We need a full investigation into just how many puppies were eaten alive on Fauci’s watch.”

Instead of responding to the substance of Boebert’s argument, Kimmel said that every time he sees the GOP congresswoman, she reminds of him “stepmother porn.”

Responding to his disgusting statement, Boebert tweeted at Jimmy Kimmel, saying that he “is a sexist pig.” She also included the clip from his show in her tweet.


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