WOKE ACTRESS Calling For The Rape Of White Children….

Ever stop and wonder what the woke left is up to now? Well apparently they’re busy fantasizing about white girls being raped by thugs.

Recently woke actress and writer Amanda Duarte has been under fire for her now-deleted tweet in which she openly promoted the rape of “little white daughters” by “black men” in a poor and sick attempt to promote abortion.

Here’s what Duarte said:

I do wonder how these white supremacist lawmakers would feel if their little white daughters were raped and impregnated by black men.

Apparently Amanda was so distraught over the thought of Roe v. Wade being overturned by the Supreme Court that her only feasible option at the time was to go on a rampage. As stated before, while the original post has since been deleted a screenshot was obtained:

WLT commented further about Twitter’s double standard:

Twitter is all about the double standard. One set of rules for people that agree with their ever “evolving” and “maturing” worldview and narrative versus everybody else that would dare stand on the other side of the political divide, mainly conservatives and people who love America.

Remember how they kicked the leader of the free world off of their platform for some delusional reason that his words may have incited violence? Check out the screen grab here:

Anyone can tell that this woke actress’ tweet was a clear call for racial violence and a genocide-like war on an ethnic group.

As a reminder, “genocidal rape” is defined as “the action of a group which has carried out acts of mass rape and gang rapes, against its enemy during wartime as part of a genocidal campaign.” And that’s exactly what this actress called for in her controversial tweet.

Thankfully she got pushback as documented by Trending Politics:

Regardless, she deleted the tweet after being savaged for it, later apologizing for her vicious call for racial warfare in a tweet thread in which she said:

I tweeted something extremely stupid and racist last night. I deeply apologize and will not try to defend or explain it. Again, sincere apologies to anyone who was hurt by it.”

Here’s a screen grab of the “apology”.

Both the original tweet and apology have since been deleted by her, but the substantial backlash that resulted with all people viewing her call as disgusting just shows that everyone believes her apology was fake and/or nowhere good enough.

Sources: WLT, Trending Politics


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