An Abducted 12yr Old Escaped, Led Police To Two Dead Bodies

After managing to escape her kidnapper, a 12-year-old victim led police to the house where she was held captive with two dead bodies.

Sheriff Jimmy Abbett of Tallapoosa County, Alabama reported that their office received a call around 8:30 a.m. from a motorist who had spotted the girl walking alone on the side of a rural roadway and picked her up.

After receiving medical attention from authorities, the girl was able to lead police to the home where she had been held captive. Thankfully, local law enforcement was able to locate and detain the kidnapper, 37-year-old José Paulino Pascual-Reyes.

Abbett stated that two dead bodies were discovered at the home and are now being identified by the Tallapoosa County Sheriff Department’s forensics squad.

WRBL obtained court documents that revealed how the girl was kept inebriated with drugs and alcohol while being tied to a bedpost.

The outlet added that the girl was able to escape from her bindings by chewing through them, breaking her braces in the process. At this time, investigators believe that the kidnapping occurred on July 24.

Pascua-Reyes has been charged with two counts of mistreatment of a corpse, three counts of capital murder, and one act of first-degree kidnapping.

“She’s safe now,” Abbett told reporters. “And we want to keep her that way.”

Pascual-Reyes is currently being detained at the Tallapoosa County Jail. It’s unknown whether he has hired a lawyer or decided to plead guilty to these allegations.

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Sources: Dailywire, Independent, WRBL


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