AOC FLIPS, Slams Biden

Joe Biden has a big problem on his hands.

AOC is no longer happy with Joe regarding immigration.

And when AOC starts chirping, the media eats it up.

Just Like Trump

Not only is AOC dumping on Biden, but she is also comparing him to Trump…

The polarizing progressive stated, “This is very important because what we are seeing with this bussing situation, a lot of the folks who are arriving here want to work … The problem is that our federal government does not allow them to work.

“And because during that gap, it takes anywhere between six months to a year just to get a work authorization, then we start seeing that these folks have no choice but to rely on public services and support.

“So the problem is that that package, that proposed rule, is also appended to very concerning … cutbacks, or almost replications of certain Trump-era asylum policies.”

New York City Mayor Eric Adams has also been very critical of Biden regarding the border.

He recently stated, “We expect more from our national leaders to address this in a real way.

“Our price tag could be anywhere from $1.5 to $2 billion.

“That’s the price tag that we are facing.”

Convenient how they are finally criticizing him now that New York is getting to enjoy a flow of illegal immigrants.

Source: Fox News

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