Black Conservative Battling Ilhan Omar Speaks Out On Biden’s Crackpipes

As the scandal of the Biden-Harris administration’s Health and Human Services Dept. distributing crackpipes with a focus on nonprofits and local governments of ‘underserved communities’ such as the Black community, and Native American reservations the blowback and outrage quickly sent Biden’s Press Secretary Jen Psaki and the HHS backpedaling furiously attempting to deny the clear-cut statements of an HHS spokesman to The Washington Free Beacon. Psaki blamed “inaccurate reporting” of course and the HHS did an abrupt about-face in a statement to The Daily Mail. Unfortunately for them, in spite of a hasty censorship campaign by Facebook ‘fact-checkers,’ they couldn’t stop the story in time and prominent conservative leaders in the black community were quick to begin battling back in their horror and outrage.

The GOP Newsfeed reached out to Cicely Davis, the State Director of the Blexit Movement in Minnesota, where the boot of Black Lives Matter and Antifa fell hardest in 2020 she’s running to defeat the anti-Semitic Democrat-Socialist ‘Squad’ member Rep. Ilhan Omar in Minnesota’s 5th District.

Davis Battling Back For Black Americans With Righteous Outrage Against Biden’s Crackpipes

We asked her a few questions given the demanding schedule of defeating Omar. First, we wanted to know how she feels this action from the Biden-Harris regime will impact the black community?

“It’s hard to see how making it easier and cleaner for drug-users to do drugs will result in less drug use. This only exacerbates the problem. 

Think of what message that sends to Black people. The government is making it easier for them to remain addicted to drugs rather than helping them turn their life around. The fact that the Biden administration sees this as helpful goes some way to explaining the soft bigotry of low expectations they have for the Black community.”


Given the long and shameful history of the Federal Gov’t and the Black community particularly when it comes to the war on drugs: What is the emotional impact of this action, effectively using taxpayer dollars to pump poison into black neighborhoods?

“This is quite honestly a sick policy. It’s also a racist policy at its core. What is a parent supposed to tell their child? The government thinks so little of you that they’re paving you a path to illegal drug use? That’s quite a dark message.”

Why is it that we’re not seeing massive outcry from the likes of the NAACP, Rev. Al Sharpton, or Black Lives Matter when according to Pew research the drug overdose rate among black men specifically TRIPLED in the last five years. Don’t those black lives matter?

“Al Sharpton is a grifter and a race-baiter, pure and simple. Whenever he can make money off of someone’s misery, you’ll find him there, stoking more tension and inserting himself into the center of attention. 

Meanwhile, Black Lives Matter is a Marxist organization that weaponizes race and wields it as a tool of political power. They only look after themselves. They’ve certainly done nothing helpful for the Black community. They served as the Democrat party’s shock troops in 2020 and terrorized people in cities across the country. I hold them responsible for millions of dollars of damage they brought on my hometown of Minneapolis.

The unfortunate reality is that only some Black lives matter to Sharpton and BLM. To be honest, they’re more concerned about white wealthy lives because that’s who overwhelmingly funds them. They’re stuffing their wallets with white liberal guilt, which has enjoyed far too high of an exchange rate in recent years.

In the Black community, many of our so-called leaders have fully embraced the toxic blend of identity politics and the celebration of victimhood. For generations, they have been selling us the idea that someone else is always to blame for our lot in life. We have no personal responsibility to work hard, get ahead in life, and create the kind of generational wealth that every other neighboring community seems able to enjoy. We’re told that we are owed something; indeed, we are owed more than any other class, race or religion.

I believe in personal responsibility. If someone doesn’t like their lot in life it is incumbent on them to change their reality. The government can play a role in helping to make that happen. But rather than incentivizing success, they are perpetuating failure.”

While the racists infesting the Biden-Harris regime have surrendered to the soft-bigotry of low expectations and have quite literally decided to opiate the masses of Black Americans, conservative rising stars like Cicely Davis haven’t given up on them or on our nation as a whole. And this is the fight to support and win, the battle for personal responsibility, against victimhood, and against the poison of white leftist guilt.

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