Armed Bandits Seen Murdering and Looting in Midst of Chaos

In the middle of Ukrainian chaos, armed bandits are murdering and looting. Meanwhile, equally armed vigilantes are holding their own. The situation in Kiev isn’t as “black and white” as the media shows it through the camera lens of a Bayraktar drone on TV.

Bandits vs Vigilantes

Average citizens of Kiev, Ukraine, are as terrified of local bandits as they are of Russian soldiers. They’re arming themselves and doing their best to maintain order.

At this point, anyone they don’t know – Russian or not, is likely to be shot first and questioned later.

People are more scared of the armed citizens than the Russian military,” an unnamed source reports. He’s a senior citizen who lives in the center of the urban city.

He and his wife are “more scared of looters with guns right now” than they are of Russians. He’s ready if bandits show up. He “has his old military rifle out, just in case.

The source helpfully provided western media with “photos of several dead bodies piled on the side of the street in Kiev.” The notes which go with it explain the image depicts “a family that got killed when they were mistaken for a military vehicle.

Then there is the problem of bandits. The source “also sent two videos, which are circulating on the messaging app Telegram.” Those show “armed citizens now just questioning and in one case shooting people they deem suspicious. It’s scary.

Citizens allowed weapons

In preparation for the invasion which everyone was certain would happen sooner or later, on February 23, Ukraine’s Parliament “declared a state of emergency and passed a law allowing citizens to carry weapons in public.” They can be used to shoot bandits or invaders.

As soon as word hit the streets “many western countries, including the UK, Germany and Belgium, began sending weapons and military equipment to Ukraine,” specifically to arm citizens defending their homes. One of the reasons Americans take their Second Amendment rights so seriously.

Ukraine isn’t a large country and it’s military forces are seriously outnumbered by the heavily over-funded Russians. Ukraine has a standing army of 40,000 with 200,000 in reserve. Russia, on the other hand has “over one million deployed military personnel and another million in reserve.

As soon as they moved in, so did the Antifa types. Local bandits and criminals plunged the cities into “anarchy, including looting, robbing and gruesome murders.

Western media, they say, is covering up the lawlessness. They want the looters and bandits exposed. “The propaganda in western media is extreme, even by the standards they are used to.

Confusing things even more, on top of looters, Russian infiltrators and saboteur teams have entered Kiev with the goal of collecting intelligence and attacking targets within the city. That means some strangers “have been mistaken for Russian agents and killed” by the heavily armed civilians.

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