Taliban Checkpoints to Oust Westerners, Thousands Fear for Their Lives

Taliban Checkpoints to Oust Westerners, Thousands Fear for Their Lives

As the Taliban continue their hostile takeover of Afghanistan — which was the consequence of Joe Biden’s failed troop withdrawal — they have now initiated checkpoints around Kabul to catch westerners or Afghans who have strayed from the terrorists’ rigid Islamic cultural laws and lifestyles.

According to a report from the Wall Street Journal, the Taliban are strengthening their hold of Afghanistan’s capital city by setting up checkpoints around Kabul, where they are stationed to search citizens’ smartphones for any signs of communication in English or “illicit material.”

The terrorists are also searching the homes and offices of citizens who have any connections to Western governments or organizations.


Many of the citizens of Afghanistan are now rushing to erase their online lives, including scrubbing their smartphones of any evidence that they lived a more secular or western lifestyle over the past 20 years that the U.S. have been involved in the country.

The Wall Street Journal also reported that the Taliban have set up checkpoints at the entrances to Hamid Karzai airport in Kabul, and are whipping and beating any Afghans who attempt to escape.

Other reports indicate that the Taliban at the airport are firing weapons in order to prevent citizens’ escape.


Evacuation flights out of Afghanistan have been leaving nearly empty because of the Taliban’s checkpoints. A German Military A400M Airbus left the country on August 17th with just seven people on board, even though the plane has a capacity of over 100 passengers.

Many are concerned about what life will be like for the people of Afghanistan with the Taliban in charge.

Business Insider reports:

No one knows what the Taliban’s rule will look like, but before the US-led invasion in 2001 ousted the group from power, it enforced strict rules — especially for women, who, during the Taliban’s 1996 to 2001 rule, were barred from attending school and work.”

Joe Biden’s response to this crisis was weak, as he barely even seemed to care. Many conservatives on Twitter and in government have been calling him out for it.

Conservative commentator Matt Walsh, of the Daily Wire, sent out two tweets about the response to the incident:

“Here’s the statement that a strong president who loves his country and is loyal to his people would issue: ‘We will not leave a single American behind in Afghanistan. We will get them all out by any means necessary. Anyone who attempts to prevent their safe exit will be killed.’

Our president should be openly threatening to kill 100 Taliban for every American citizen who is harmed. Instead he hides at Camp David, half-dazed and drooling.”


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