Nikki Haley Rips Apart Biden Administration

Conservative firebrand Nikki Haley ripped Joe Biden a new one for the way he botched Afghanistan. The total surrender she saw was an “embarrassing” failure. Trump would have done things a whole lot differently, she insists.

Nikki Haley unleashed

On Sunday, August 22, Donald Trump’s popular ambassador to the UN, Nikki Haley, made a stop on the talk show circuit to body-slam His Imperial Wisdom Joseph Robinette Biden Jr. for his “embarrassing failure” in Afghanistan.

His decision created chaos and confusion by sending the wrong message. What Biden did was a “complete and total surrender” to the Taliban. He threw the Afghan government under the bus and walked away. Now ISIS is fighting the Taliban for a fair cut of the jets and tanks.


Once and Future President Donald Trump would have evacuated everybody first, Haley insists, then allowed the troops to go home. Instead, Biden pulled the soldiers and the air support away first, leaving their Afghan partners twisting in the wind.

In “record time” they were blown away completely. Not only did the palace set the Afghanis up for failure and defeat, Joe Biden “abandoned billions of dollars worth of military equipment.”

According to Haley, Biden better talk the Taliban into an extension. He tried that and they said no. He has until 9/11 to get everyone out, or else. The way things are going now, Joe isn’t going to meet that deadline.

“We’ve got to get our Americans out. We’ve got to stay true to those Afghan allies that we made promises to, and we’ve got to make sure we do this in a very strong way going forward.” The former ambassador isn’t real confident that will happen.

Dealing with the devil

Another thing that Haley was sure to point out is that Joe Biden is making a deal with the devil. That’s not out of the question, if you’re careful and up to the task. Biden doesn’t have the first half a clue and can’t buy another vowel.

“You have to negotiate with the devil from a point of strength and the United States has no leverage with the Taliban right now.”

Haley sat down to Face the Nation on CBS “The truth is under four years of Trump, Afghanistan was safe. We made sure that we kept terrorism at bay and that we came from a strength of position. What’s happened in seven months of Biden is we’ve completely surrendered, and we’ve humiliated ourselves in the eyes of the world.” She knows that the Taliban is playing Joe Biden like a fiddle.

“All we’re going to see them do is they’re going to buy time and act like they’re going to be nice until August 31st, and then all of those women, all of those girls, everything is going to go back to the way it was. You’re going to have sex slaves. You’re going to have child marriages. You’re going to have kids that are girls– that are no longer allowed in school.”

Haley was livid that Biden “surrendered Bagram Air Force Base, which was a major NATO hub. They surrendered $85 billion worth of equipment and weapons that we should have gotten out of there.” Tanks, planes, and helicopters with all the spare parts, weaponry and ammunition they require.

Another thing at Bagram was the prison full of ISIS, al Qaeda, and Taliban terrorists. 5,000 of them who were in heavy lockdown have been “escorted to safety” by the Taliban. “It’s a scary time, and we have to make sure that we are working with our allies who literally won’t trust us at this point and think we’ve lost our minds. We have to figure out a way to get our Americans out and to get our allies out.”

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