Expert Physician Reveals Biden’s Decaying Mental Health…

Dr. Nicole Saphier qualifies as an expert and, in her opinion, Joe Biden needs to have his head examined. The way she puts it, a “mental health check” is indicated. He seems to be on the verge of forgetting where he left the launch codes.

Biden losing his mind

On Wednesday, September 28, palace staffers were forced to helplessly watch in horror as a train wreck happened on stage. Imperial Leader Joe Biden repeatedly kept calling “where’s Jackie?” She’s dead Joe, they pantomimed from off camera.

Republican Representative Jackie Walorski and two of her aides “were tragically killed in a car accident,” back in August. When he finally got done, Jill had to lead him away from the podium. “You go down this way,” she was heard saying. Yep Joe, this is exactly the way you “go down.

As his 80th birthday comes ever closer, Joe Biden “slurred and mumbled his way through his speech at a White House conference on hunger, nutrition and health,” Gateway Pundit writes.

Dr. Saphier says there are more warning signs than that. “Americans cannot ignore the troubling signs of decline in front of our faces.

Joe Biden, she insists, “must submit to a cognitive assessment and give us the transparency we deserve.” Dr. Saphier is a physician at Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center and an assistant professor at Weill Cornell Medical College. She was watching his recent 60 Minutes interview.

That was “the first extended sit-down with a professional journalist in over 200 days.” Her ears perked up at one particular question.

Watch me, Joe invites

When host Scott Pelley dared to quiz Biden on whether he’s actually “fit for the job,” Joe flubbed it. “When you hear that, I wonder what you think.” We still wonder what he thinks. “Watch me. Honest to God, that’s all I think. Watch me.” We are. Closely. So is Dr. Saphier. “As a physician and a concerned citizen, I believe it is past time that we received some real answers,” she replied.

The ice cream licker-in-chief is due for his yearly physical at Walter Reed in November. She advises that Joe “should undergo a cognitive assessment, as did President Donald Trump. And those test results should be released to the American public.

She admits that she hasn’t “formally examined” Joe Biden, but she is a doctor. She isn’t trying to “diagnose” him from afar, just urging to have the tests done. “common sense demands that we not ignore the troubling signs in front of our faces.” Joe’s mental condition has been going downhill since day one.


Since usurping office, “Biden’s physical fitness appears to have declined.” The only thing that came up last year was arthritis. His “ambulatory gait is perceptibly stiffer and less fluid than it was a year or so ago,” it was noted at the time.

Along with talking to ghosts and getting lost leaving the stage, Biden also stumbled on Wednesday. He’s been doing that a lot lately. “This is not surprising, in fact, it’s an expected occurrence that comes with age.” It’s getting to the point where he might not be able to handle “the rigors of his position.

Kamala Harris is salivating at the fact Joe’s recently had “major moments of misspeaking, walking with a shuffling-type gait, mumbling, and appearing confused at public events.” In August, he shook Chuck Schumer’s hand, then forgot he did and tried to shake it again.

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