Georgia Election Fraud Update

Breaking: Georgia Election Fraud Update

Another bombshell update has dropped regarding election fraud in Fulton County, Georgia. A second subpoena has been issued for an election worker featured in the infamous “suitcasegate” video.

After a so-called “water main break” at the State Farm Arena where ballots were being counted, everyone was sent home, except a few election workers. Upon investigation, it was discovered that the “water main break” was actually just an overflowing urinal in the men’s room. Georgia voters, and people throughout the country, have been demanding answers about the entire incident, and it seems they may finally get them.

First Subpoena

Fulton County Elections Supervisor Wandrea Shaye Moss, who is famous for sending election observers and the media home due to the so-called “water main break” at the ballot counting center, received a subpoena for her actions that day.


As GOP News Feed reported yesterday, “In the subpoena, the Fulton County Superior Court is asking for a videotaped deposition, a thumb drive, and all electronic devices used to communicate by Shaye Moss from January 1, 2020, to December 31, 2020.”

Second Subpoena

In the video below, Moss (in a white jacket) and her mother Ruby Freeman (in purple), along with several others, can be seen moving suitcases filled with ballots out from underneath tables. They then began running them through the machines.


Now, Shaye Moss’s mother is the one being subpoenaed.

According to reporting by The Gateway Pundit, “Ruby Freeman was caught on tape running the same stack of suspect ballots through the machines multiple times.”

She has now officially been subpoenaed. The tweet below shows the document issued to Freeman:

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