Candidate Escapes Punishment for Corrupt Practices

The Dems Socialist leadership of the US House of Representatives is shutting down an investigation right into the illegal use of taxpayer funds by Rep. Val Demings (D-FL), after it was revealed that she was abusing her official congressional mailing privileges while running for statewide office in Florida.

The Washington Free Beacon discovered that the bipartisan House Communications Standards Commission last month opened an investigation right into Demings following a problem that she sent a 12-page, campaign-style mailer to Floridians outside of her district. The Democrat chairwoman of the commission, Rep. Mary Gay Scanlon (D-PA), told her Republican associates in a letter acquired by the Free Beacon that she does “not believe that further inquiry is warranted” and on Tuesday would assuredly vote against investigating the issue further. Her vote against additional scrutiny will effectively end the investigation.

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Adhering to the commission’s initial examination of the charges, Demings in a three-page letter from lawyers at Elias Legislation Group, obtained by the Free Beacon, confessed that the mailings went outside her district. The firm was started by a longtime Democrat operative currently being investigated by Special Counsel John Durham: Marc Elias. Scanlon’s project likewise used Elias for “legal services,” having actually paid his previous law firm thousands of dollars since 2019.

“This is just the latest example of Democrats twisting rules, process, and precedent to cover up the violation of a member,” a senior legislative aide with knowledge of the matter informed the Free Beacon. “On top of that, the involvement of a partisan attorney like Marc Elias, who simultaneously represents the chair of the Commission, only further raises issues of a conflict of interest. This was a valid complaint filed with the Commission and a clear-cut violation of the rules, yet the Democrat members of the Commission are not only moving towards dismissing the complaint but are actively blocking any attempts to further look into the matter.”

Demings’ lawyers criticized the private vendor in charge of the mailing for the infraction and declared that their client did not go against federal legislation due to the fact that the mailing was not “targeted.” Participants of Congress are only permitted to send mailers absolutely free to residents within their district pertaining to “matters of public concern and Congressional actions,” a practice known as “franking.”

Republican politicians on the commission, such as Rep. Kat Cammack (R-FL), do not think the issue has actually been investigated fully. In a letter to Scanlon, Cammack firmly insisted that more information on the alleged mistake is needed.

“Here, even though the Member is a candidate for statewide office, she appears to have engaged in little to no oversight of her vendor’s operations, explaining that she was so unaware of its operations that she neither reviewed nor approved final mailing lists to ensure compliance, did not know and did not inquire concerning the vendor’s mailing practices, and was overall so uninformed about the process that she did not know a violation had occurred” until the complaint was filed, Cammack wrote in her letter.

Demings’ campaign for Senate has from the start been were alerted by claims of her using her taxpayer-funded workplace to boost an uphill bid for Senate. The Free Beacon reported that Demings broke legislative principles the day she released her Senate campaign by utilizing her government Twitter account to build support for her campaign account.

Demings is expected to easily win her primary fight to gain the Democrat primary election to compete against Rubio in the autumn. While she has successfully raised millions since announcing her candidacy in June of last year, she is not expected to win the race.

Demings did not respond to a request for comment.

H/T The Washington Free Beacon

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