Christianity on Fire- Arson Attacks of Religious Sites on the Rise

Arson is on the rise as religious sites go up in flame. These are due, largely, to churches, shrines, and other religious sites sitting empty over strict Covid-19 regulations. The latest victim to these arson attacks is Scotland’s national shrine to Our Lady of Lourdes.

The damage done by the arson attempt has added to the shrine’s financial burden. Located in the Carfin Grotto just 15 miles outside Glasglows city limits, the shrine once welcomed over 70,000 pilgrims a year. Now it waits lonely, and disfigured by flames, a year short of its centennial celebration.


Arson Attacks on Churches Have Been on the Rise

Canada has seen a rise in arson attacks against churches since late last year. The Canadian Royal Mounted Police have not released a national tally of fires but, the media have reported on dozens of significant arson-related fires and vandalism against churches.

European countries have also seen a rise in such heinous acts against religious sites. Over 500 hate crimes against Christians, including the act of arson, have been reported in Europe in 2019 alone. The attack on Scotlands National Shrine is the last on a long list. A list that sadly continues to grow.

There are many speculations on the cause of such hate crimes. Reasons for these attacks include mass immigration of hostile Muslim immigrants to European nations, the revelations of past sins by the Catholic Church, and the easy targets of vacant buildings due to Covid-19 restrictions.

Sadly, America is not exempt from such attacks.

Hope In the Chaos

Although attacks against Christianity are on the rise, we as Christians shouldn’t be surprised by them. Jesus Himself proclaimed the world would hate those who follow Him. Our current culture has forgotten that the best parts of Western Civilization came out of Scripture and those who believed in it.

The freedoms that we take for granted today are created by God. The American Founders understood this because they read their bibles consistently and even fought for all citizens to have a copy of God’s word in their homes. This was radical in a time where the British ruling class dictated the teachings of the church.

The fear and chaos in our world today would end if those who claim to be Christians would open their Bibles more than just on Sundays.

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