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Conservatives Score HUGE Win in Court Against Eco Warriors

Joe Biden and his climate activists in the administration were just dealt a crushing defeat by the courts.

The ruling came down from the appeals court regarding Lease Sale 261.

The court struck down the attempt by the Biden administration to attack eco regulations to the sale, saying it must now move forward with no such restrictions.

Big Loss for Biden

The Bureau of Ocean Energy Management (BOEM), which falls under the Department of the Interior, tried to attack restrictions to protect the Rice’s whale, but the court stated that the restrictions made no sense based on existing information and research.

The ruling stated, “At least one whale would need to traverse the area in which oil-and-gas activities are occurring under Lease Sale 261 and be killed by such activities.

“But in four separate environmental reviews over the last seven years, BOEM concluded that additional protections for the Rice’s whales are unnecessary outside of their ‘core’ habitat in the eastern Gulf — an area unrelated to Lease Sale 261 that has long been protected from oil-and-gas leasing.

“At least one member of an Intervenor organization would need to go sight-seeing in the Rice’s whale’s habitat with intent to see the Rice’s whale after its population is diminished — events the dates of which remain unknown.”

American Petroleum Institute (API) Senior Vice President and General Counsel Ryan Meyers was very happy with the ruling.

Meyers stated, “Energy independence scored an important win tonight with the Fifth Circuit decision lifting unjustified restrictions on oil and natural gas vessels and restoring acreage for offshore energy development.

“The U.S. Gulf of Mexico plays a critical role in maintaining affordable, reliable American energy production, and today’s decision creates greater certainty for the essential energy workforce and the entire Gulf Coast economy.”

The administration now has 37 days to hold the lease sale unless it gets a stay from the Supreme Court if it decides to continue the appeals process.

Source: Fox News

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