CPS Forced To Fire Social Worker After What They Told A CHILD To Do For Extra Cash….

A CPS employee was fired after encouraging a 14-year-old in the agency’s custody to participate in sexual acts, according to the Texas Department of Family and Protective Services.

The child taped the conversation while she had been in foster care, which caused the dismissal of the CPS official.

The video was aired by Houston’s KRIV-TV which shows the girl begging the employee for food before they recommended to her that she become a prostitute. The girl had been forced to stay in a hotel until she found a foster family.

“The person in the video – who was employed as child protective services support staff — was dismissed from her position August 10,” Marissa Gonzales, the DFPS spokesperson, said in a statement. “The safety and appropriateness with which children in care must be treated is our paramount concern. Nothing less will be tolerated.”

The Texas Tribune was told by Gonzales that all personnel are required to complete training before overseeing children. An apology has been given out  to both the child’s mother and DFPS Commissioner Jaime Masters.

The child’s mother, Keisha Bazley, told Fox 26: “My daughter told me that the worker had been telling her to do these things, so she said she decided to video her,” Bazley had filed a formal complaint with the department.

Organizing coordinator for the Texas State Employees Union, Myko Gedutis, shared that the fired employee is given two business days to contest the dismissal, which the employee apparently declined.

With that being said, however, Gedutis did accuse the state in general of “storing children in hotels,” which he called an “unmitigated calamity on behalf of the agency.”

Sadly, this isn’t the first time the state’s child welfare agency has come under fire.

In fact, they received harsh criticism from a federal judge for failing to sanction or close down unsafe child care placement establishments and insufficient background checks on caretakers.

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