Dems Shell Shocked as Trump Names FIREBRANDS

Liberal Democrats are shell-shocked after conservative personality and Faux News contributor Lisa Boothe started doing an independent podcast hosted by Gingrich 360. Her first episode featured an exclusive interview with former President Donald Trump, who wasn’t shy about naming names. Liberals will be watching out for every one of the firebrands on the list as potential challengers in 2024.

Trump spreads the love

Lisa Boothe almost fell over when she found out her brand new show’s first guest would be none other than former President Donald Trump. The very first episode of “The Truth with Lisa Boothe” aired Monday.

The former president didn’t try to hog the limelight, he wasted no time spreading the love to the true conservatives in the Republican party and making it clear where to look for party leadership in the next cycle. The “GOP movers and shakers” he praised are familiar and household names to every conservative.

According to Trump, Senators Ted Cruz, Josh Hawley, and Rand Paul are the ones to keep an eye on. At the state level, Florida Governor Ron DeSantis and South Dakota Governor Kristi Noem have been accomplishing good things.

Arkansas gubernatorial hopeful Sarah Huckabee Sanders has always been popular with conservatives. Not a single one of the names he mentioned have ever been accused of the slightest RINO tendencies.

As soon as the interview started rolling, Trump was asked who he “saw as the up-and-coming leaders of the GOP.” That was a good question. “Well, I think we have a lot of people, we have a lot of young, good people,” the former president replied.

“Ron DeSantis is doing a really good job in Florida and I think Josh Hawley has shown some real courage in going after Big Tech.” He also noted that Hawley is taking some real heat from Silicon Valley over it. “You know they go after him. Josh is terrific.”

Ted Cruz is ‘terrific’ too

Despite the way they terrorized each other during the 2016 election contest, Donald Trump gets along a lot better with Texas Senator Ted Cruz than people imagine. “Somebody that’s been really terrific is Ted Cruz. He and I had it out for a while, actually, we were very close.”

Another Senator the former president really respects is Rand Paul. He’s “been great.” There are too many names to mention but “A lot of people, I mean really a lot of people have been terrific.” For example, “Sarah Huckabee is going to do great in Arkansas.”

Trump is also convinced that “Kristi Noem has done a terrific job.” One name conspicuously did not come up, Mike Pompeo. He wasn’t mentioned even once while the pundits say the former Secretary of State who scared the crap out of Kim Jong Un “is also seen as a strong contender.”

Waiting in the wings are Rick Scott, Marco Rubio, Tom Cotton, and Tim Scott. The Deplorable-In-Chief is totally convinced that “The Republican Party is stacked.” Now the RINOs need to be hunted down and “extracted” from the party.

Trump still isn’t certain if he’ll be running in 2024. He hasn’t quite made up his mind on that one yet but everybody knows the nomination is his for the asking. He may decide to stay back on the edges to act as an advisor. After all, he knows his way around the system now for sure. Meanwhile, he wants everyone to keep watching the Republicans.

“I’ll make that decision sometime later, but there’s a pretty deep bench. Some of the names I guess I just mentioned, perhaps, and others” would no doubt be potential nominees.” He knows he has a yuge chance to win though. “If you look at the polls, they love the job that I’ve done. We had a 97 percent approval at CPAC and 97 percent approval on policies and different things.”

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