Fired By Trump and Now Used By Biden

In the classic ever-evolving tale of Washington, D.C. intrigue, it isn’t uncommon for one President to clean house only for the next administration to let the rats back into the pantry, oftentimes to be used and discarded.

The Biden-Harris regime in this respect is no different from any other Democrat Party White House. This is the case most especially with Senior Deputy Homeland Security Adviser at the National Security Council Russell Travers.

His name may ring familiar to beltway insiders, after all, he was a part of the Trump Admin. He was taken out in one of the many efforts Trump took to rid the federal government of the “Deep State”.


Travers was fired from his post as acting head of the National Counterterrorism Center “as part of the Trump administration’s efforts to streamline a bloated agency and remove ineffective individuals.” according to Breitbart.

Later in a move that smacks of vengeance and what likely secured him his present Biden-Harris regime role, he signed a letter in October 2020 claiming that the Hunter Biden laptop emails’ incriminating evidence “has all the classic earmarks of a Russian information operation.” with absolutely no proof whatsoever.

A Deep State Resurrection- Travers Is Being Used By Biden

All Travers has proven in this entire saga is that he is a man who is willing to sing for his supper. He was initially brought onboard Biden’s team deputy homeland security adviser at the National Security Council tasked with hunting down so-called “domestic extremists”. And more recently has been promoted and retasked with the fool’s errand of guiding DHS’ efforts to evacuate Afghan special immigrant visa (SIV) applicants to the U.S., according to Politico. Gee, he sounds like the perfect fall-guy doesn’t he?

Kash Patel, the Former Pentagon Chief of Staff told Breitbart,

“Privately, men and women that I served with have been doing more to get SIVs out of the country than Russ Travers and the White House. They have been chartering flights, they have been putting together programs, contacting allies, and then when they try to get people out of country, they’re told by the U.S. government that ‘you’re not allowed,’ so it’s just tragic all around,” said Kash Patel, a former Grenell deputy at DNI and former Pentagon chief of staff.

“The SIV programs falls squarely on Russ Travers, but ultimately the White House. They gave it to him to do, and either him or they or both didn’t do anything,” Patel added.

After all, as DSRH and Axios reported, in the Biden-Harris regime, there can be no admitting they were wrong or holding these officials responsible, as such a move would be akin to according to Axios: Nothing is going to happen. That is unless the situation were to begin deteriorating “drastically” or there was a  “significant loss of American life”… In which case Biden will definitely need someone to take the fall because it certainly won’t be him and as Kamala Harris said according to Jack Posobiec “They will not pin this shit on me!”

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