Georgia Worship Service On Fire in More Ways Than One

A South Georgia church is picking up the pieces after a devastating fire. Douglas Christian Fellowship in Douglas, Georgia, was engulfed in flames during an evening worship service.

The Church’s Livestream caught the realization of trouble in true time. The video depicts a woman singing at the front of the church before another stops her and points off camera toward the back of the building. People begin to leave before the stream is cut off, 16 minutes after it started.

 Worship Gone Wrong

Congregants later caught a video of the church up in flames. A Facebook Live stream from DouglasNow.com showed firefighters working to extinguish the fire.

Coffee County Fire Department reported that thankfully the congregation noticed the fire in time to evacuate the building. There are no reported injuries.

The Georgia State Fire Marshall has yet to release a statement on the cause of the fire. The local fire department declined to comment on the fire or its suspected origins to the local WSB-TV2 channel.

If proved to be foul play the fire of Douglas Christian Fellowship would not be the first attack on churches around the country. Since the beginning of the Covid Pandemic, church vandalism has sky-rocketed in the United States and abroad.

Persecution of the faith goes beyond physical destruction. Attacks on Christian doctrine and scriptural teaching are on the rise. This is as popular mega-churches turn away from a gospel message to preach instead of the religion of self-worship.

Only time will tell if Douglas Christian Fellowship is the victim of malicious intent or accident.

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