Jack Smith

Jack Smith Gets DEVASTATING NEWS… It’s Over

Special Counsel Jack Smith is frothing at the mouth trying to get Donald Trump into the courtroom.

After hearing arguments during the Supreme Court hearing regarding presidential immunity, he may never get his day in court.

If we read between the lines correctly, Jack Smith will have a long wait before he can even consider getting Trump into that courtroom.

Likely Delayed

The arguments before the court caught everyone by surprise.

The court took about three hours or so for an oral arguments session that would typically take about an hour or so.

The court is clearly hesitant to rule out presidential immunity, but they are just as hesitant to offer blanket immunity.

Chief Justice Roberts may have made the most damning comment of all during the hearing, saying that it might be more prudent to send this issue back down to the lower courts to decide if the acts Trump is being charged with were those of a private citizen or a president.

This is at the heart of the charges that Trump faces.

The Supreme Court has previously hinted that no president has blanket immunity, so the court must decide whether Trump’s actions were presidential duties.

Most of us thought the Supreme Court would decide that issue, but that is clearly not the direction the court went.

With a decision on the matter not expected until June, if the court does kick this issue back to the lower courts, there is no way this case gets to court before the election.

And if Trump wins the presidential election, the chances of this case ever getting into the courtroom are pretty much nil.

If Trump wins, his new Attorney General will likely kill any of these federal cases that have not reached the courtroom.

So, Jack Smith, it looks like your 15 minutes of fame may soon be up.

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