Exposed: FBI Blood Ties Via Court Docs

Judge Has Dropped the Hammer on the FBI

A major break came in the case that could rock Meta (Facebook) and the FBI.

A federal judge has ordered the FBI agent that was fingered by Meta’s counsel to be deposed.

This is the agent that was the alleged point man to shut down the stories about Hunter Biden’s laptop.

Time to Talk

To this point, Special Agent in Charge Elvis Chan has denied he had anything to do with this.

He says this even though counsel for Meta stated that he was running the communication regarding the censoring of the story.

The order now means he has to go under oath, which changes everything.

Judge Doughty stated, “Chan had authority over cybersecurity issues for the FBI in the San Francisco, California region which includes the headquarters of major social-media platforms and played a critical role for the FBI in coordinating with social-media platforms related to censorship.

“Even if Chan played no role in the Hunter Biden laptop communication issue, he may have knowledge of who did, and his deposition is nonetheless warranted.”

Republican Attorneys General Eric Schmitt of Missouri and Jeff Landry of Louisiana filed the suit alleging that the major social media outlets shut down the story “under the guise of combating misinformation.”

Source: Fox News

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